Monday, March 4, 2024

Run for Your Lives!


    By now, most everyone has heard of the female college student, Laken Riley, (say her name!) that was murdered while she was jogging near the UGA campus. Truly a tragic story and the stories written after the fact almost rise to that level. For those who haven’t heard, Laken, a female jogger, was murdered by an illegal invader. If this term offends you, I’ll use the term, “recreational runner” if that makes you feel better. This illegal invader, obviously, shouldn’t have been in the United States and there were several opportunities to deport him. The mainstream media didn’t bat an eye when the details emerged and seized the opportunity to "victim blame." They had to deflect from the fact that an "illegal immigrant" (no not a newcomer, undocumented worker, or migrant) murdered a citizen!

    One of the first stories written was to instruct women how to jog, sorry, “recreationally run” safely. You know what would increase their level of safety? Decrease the number of illegal immigrants that are here! I appreciate governors bussing illegal immigrants to sanctuary cities, it was kind of funny at first, but why not put them on a bus to whatever country they came from? Women are advised to recreationally run in pairs, or a group, or on a treadmill in a gym. Also, women were advised to not wear tight athletic clothing but instead to recreationally run in a burka, poncho, or burlap sack. The hope is that these illegal immigrants are out of shape and would give up shortly after a chase began with a recreational runner, but these illegal immigrants are in shape and some recreational runners are not in “run for your life” shape, thus confusing the recreational runners into these illegal immigrants’ murderous trap. I can’t imagine recreationally running, but trying to accomplish this exercise in a pair of MC Hammer pants and a Members Only jacket sounds daunting.

    Another story was written about how some young Latina students at the University of Georgia were fearing discrimination after the attack. No discrimination was reported, but the article wanted to make sure that people were aware of the possibility of discrimination towards Spanish speaking minorities after the murder. No article written from the perspective of female students, whether they feel safe in the community or not, but instead an article detailing some students fear of discrimination. Again, nothing discussing how the University of Georgia is working to restore calm to the student body or that they increased the presence of security to certain areas to show that their students’ safety is a top priority. Instead, we get an article discussing a student’s irrational fear that she may be discriminated against, that definitely sounds worse than murder. That female student that was murdered, her troubles are over, she’s dead. That student who is afraid of being discriminated against, her troubles are only beginning, kind of. Since no discrimination has actually occurred and her fear is in her head… you know when I write this down, it sounds kind of stupid. What was she complaining about? “Someone may say something mean to me,” while another woman was murdered. College kids, what are you gonna do?

    I understand, not every illegal immigrant is coming to this country to satiate their bloodlust and go on a murderous rampage. Most are coming to this country for an opportunity to experience a better life. Unfortunately, a very small percentage of illegal immigrants only envision a better life for themselves by ruining or taking the life of someone else. We have homeless citizens and homeless veterans, but illegal immigrants are getting meals and shelter funded by our taxpayers. Don’t get me wrong, I believe that everything we receive should be worked for not given, but if we are giving this much aid to illegals when we can’t even take care of our own citizens, something is terribly wrong. I can go off on illegal immigration for days, and have, but their never-ending drain on our economy will have to continue another time. Back to blaming women for everything.

    The thing that I would find incredibly discouraging if I were a woman would be how the mainstream media dismisses women when a marginalized group is responsible for their suffering. For example, if a straight white male had committed this murder, people would still be marching from Atlanta to DC, demanding that they pass a law stop these crimes from happening. Since it wasn’t a straight white male, we read articles about how women bring this violence upon themselves with their unsafe recreational running practices. If a transgender woman/fake woman passed out from heat stroke on campus, students would be on a hunger strike for climate change. If a fake woman assaulted a woman on campus, the story wouldn’t make it off of the police scanner. That is what I call toxic masculinity, but that’s a different article. I think if we began adopting some of the crime prevention policies that El Salvador has adopted, we can get back to leisurely jogging and get away from running for our lives.

Stay in shape my friends. 

Aaron From GA