Thursday, June 2, 2011

TRP! (5/27/11)

Former Guardian Angel William "Swan" Diaz talks about what he believes "really" happened the night Curtis Sliwa was shot. Diaz is joined by Philadelphia crime victims advocate Greg Bucheroni, who talks about his experiences with Curtis, and former Guardian Angel Khalil "Wing Chung" Bonds, who has started his own group, TWS.

Plus: Obama enjoys a European vacation while the Mid West suffers from natural disasters....The Frank from Arizona and George the Atheist feud comes to a head....Chile Exhumes Allende....Cuba tries economic reform with Golf Courses....Nazi's were the first self-esteem movement!....Walter Rauschenbusch and Washington Gladden started the social gospel movement....Nature to be commanded must be obeyed....Thomas Aquinas understood the supremacy of each individual's conscience and the morality of profit....Don't be part of the "Cult of the Constitution!"...people who read and think for themselves from the original sources are called "revisionists"....Frank says "give me objectivity or give me death!!"....your phone calls at 718.761.9996

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