Saturday, December 1, 2012

TRP! (11/30/12)

The Time Machine (1960 film)
Frank explains how the great societal fracture is upon us. The 2-party national political system is incapable of protecting liberty, retaining the Republic, or of stopping the tyranny of the new majority. The government continues to "centralize" and only through this centralization are the devastating effects of socialism and crony capitalism possible. Our only hope is to return to the decentralized Republic of the Founders or to allow for peaceful secession. Frank stands firmly behind the 18 heroic governors that have vowed not to implement "Obama-scam." He reminds us that if a law is unjust, it is the right of the citizenry to civil disobedience and to speak out against the unjust law. Frank also notes that the Left is all for civil disobedience, but, only if it's a law they don't like! He will move to the Great Republic of Texas if they do the right thing and break away while they still can!

The battle comes down to a fight for survival between the ever shrinking "Productive Class" (which consists of those that believe in earning what's theirs through Free Enterprise, hard work, hard money, production, merit, equal rights, and equal liberty for all) and the "Eloi Class" (the takers, whether rich or poor, that want something for nothing from the Productive Class or to use the political system for their own selfish benefit: whether through welfare, hand outs, subsides, monopolies, patronage, monetary inflation, fractional reserve banking, political favors, government usury, or bail outs. They either benefit from the power or are subjugated by the powerful because of their own ignorance, indolence, and stupidity.)

Frank draws multiple thought-provoking historical parallels from many eras of history including a detailed comparison between the fall of the Roman Republic and the fall of our Republic. He uses quotes from his favorite TV Series of all time, the incredible dialogue from I, Claudius, to point out how the Eloi have foolishly neglected the intellectual lessons to be learned from history. He shows clearly how we're being forced down the path of destruction and tyranny.

John reels off plenty of data from his massive file archive to prove the dominance of the "Reagan Boom," including an article from Dinesh D'Souza.

The movies Bataan, Back to Bataan, and We've Never Been Licked are recommended to honor Pearl Harbor Day next week.

Frank also talks about one of his and John From Conn's favorite books, The Forsaken, and how gullible the "Eloi Class" were in the 1930's when hundreds of them believed the utopian B.S. propaganda of the communists and their lackeys here in the Ministry of Lies and happily moved to the U.S.S.R. only for everyone of them to be murdered or sent to the gulags. Frank predicts the same fate for today's Eloi because they're caught in the same trance-like state. He trepidatiously foresees a final death toll in the 10's of millions when the "Obama-scam" "medical"-care fraud is all said and done.

Republicans use the name, but they don't emphasize why a "Republic" is so important to sustaining Liberty...90% of the Orthodox Jews voted for Romney...The Japanese are actually the Nipponese race and will heavily rearm to meet the coming Chinese threat...No government agency has ever met its goal, closed up shop, and went away...The TRP Song Contest between John and Bobby of PA continues, George the Atheist enters the fray with a choice of his own...Your phone calls and much much more at 718.761.9996! 

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