Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Frank's Solutrean History Lesson for the Kiddies!

Frank answers a very in depth question posed to John From Conn's 3rd Grade sons by their brainwashed teacher. He huddles the kiddies up by the camp fire and takes them on a wondrous journey, going back 10's of thousands of years to a better life and time. A tranquil and loving time when our Solutrean people lived in peace and harmony with one another. Frank tells the kids how the Solutrean people acted as one with their "cultivated land" and pushed not "primitive sleds," but "wheeled" carts. He then goes on to tell them the hard truth, and encourages them to go back and tell their teacher about the Soultrean people's first "very unfortunate" run in with the despicable Beringians. Frank pulls no punches and tells the kids what he feels they are old enough to hear, the startling truth about the massive genocide and the real "Trail of Tears."

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