Wednesday, April 29, 2015

WORLD SOLUTREAN DAY CELEBRATION!!!! with Carl Lehrburger! (4/24/15)

We would like to welcome a very special guest for our sacred holiday, World Solutrean Day!!! He is Carl Lehrburger, an renewable energy entrepreneur, researcher, and author. He has studied archaeological and sacred sites in the Americas for over 25 years with a focus on the ancient peoples who came to the Americas long before Columbus. His work reveals extensive evidence for pre-Columbian explorers in ancient America!

His website is

The culmination of his work is his book, Secrets of Ancient America: Archaeoastronomy and the Legacy of the Phoenicians, Celts, and Other Forgotten Explorers....Frank and John discuss his book and many other "on-topic" books that discuss the Solutreans and other anti-establishment "Post-Solutrean" ideas....

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