Saturday, March 18, 2017

HELLO AFRICA! Theuns Cloete! Johann Jacobs! (3/17/17)


We are very pleased to welcome back two friends of The Right Perspective. They are here to update us on the sad plight of the Boervolk, the present state of South Africa, and the Communist ANC!

Theuns Cloete founded Boervolk Radio in the 1990s and was one of the first stations to broadcast streams online in South Africa. Boervolk Radio was born out of the need for a news medium for the Boervolk. Theuns has been actively involved for decades in awakening the true identity of many in South Africa who regarded themselves as Afrikaners, because they have been brainwashed to do so. He has challenged many beliefs and ideologies of so-called leaders of Boers and Afrikaners. Theuns has magnificent knowledge of the Boervolk and his station has followers around the globe.

Theuns and Johann Jacobs from the UK became friends in 2008 after they got in touch and started discussing matters in South Africa and specifically the Boers. Although Johann has always been aware of his identity, he was not aware of the extent to which the Boervolk had been usurped by the Afrikaner - more so than those the Boers had actually fought physical wars against. Today Johann believes the Afrikaner is the Boers' greatest enemy!

The interview is being broadcast live around the wuurrrllld tonight on Boervolk Radio as well!!

For more true information about the Boers (in English) Theuns recommends the website: 

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