Saturday, March 31, 2018

Dr. David Friedman Interview! (3/30/18)

Tonight in an exclusive interview, we are honored to welcome, David Friedman, son of a great hero of ours, the legendary Milton Friedman! 

David, a legend in his own right, is an academic economist with a doctorate in physics who's spent the past 22 years teaching law. His book, The Machinery of Freedom: Guide to a Radical Capitalism, first published in 1973, is now a classic and describes how a society with property rights and without government might function. There as elsewhere, he offers a "consequentialist" defense of libertarianism. We'll find out if his views have changed at all since 1973 and we'll also discuss "anarcho-capitalism" and what exactly that is... Also, the difference between "natural rights" based Libertarianism and "consequentialist" Libertarianism...

His most recent non-fiction book, Future Imperfect: Technology and Freedom in an Uncertain World, examines the implications of  a variety of technological revolutions that might happen over the next few decades.

He also has 3 current projects of interest...

2 Nonfiction:  Legal Systems Very Different from Ours  &  Embedded Economics
1 Fiction:  Brothers is David's third novel, the sequel to Salamander... It's a fantasy, set in a world where magic is currently in transition from a craft to a science.

Much of David's published work and forthcoming work can be read on his web page: David D


Sunday, March 25, 2018

Dr. Kevin Gutzman Interview! (3/23/18)

We are honored to to be joined tonight by esteemed professor and Chairman in the Department of History at Western Connecticut State University, Dr. Kevin Gutzman. He is the acclaimed author of four NY Times Best Selling books and is also a faculty member at

He is here to talk about the most revolutionary of all the founding fathers... the Hero of "the productive class"...  creator of the Republican party... and the philosophical backbone for decentralized liberty in our burgeoning Republic. The immortal polymath... Thomas Jefferson!

Dr. Gutzman's book is titled, Thomas Jefferson Revolutionary: A Radical's Struggle to Remake America!

It is truly a great read!

(We focus tonight on Chapter #1 which deals with Jefferson's views on government and society.)

Professor Gutzman brings incredible depth and insight into answering the following:
  • Explain why Jefferson wanted a Republic that practiced "Federalism" or "Sovereign States' rights"...
  • What was the difference between "Hamiltonian centralized nationalism" and "Jeffersonian decentralized federalism?"
  • Jefferson studied the Roman Republic, how much of that influenced him?
  • Explain how Hamilton invented today's left-wing "Living Breathing document" and how it differed from what today's right-wing would call Jefferson's "originalist strict construction"...
  • Was it not in fact this "battle of interpretations" that truly lead us on a path to disunion in 1860? ...Did Jefferson believe that if you voluntarily entered a union you could voluntarily leave?
  • TRP Guest, 10th Amendment Center's Michael Maharrey, and a large number of others believe "Nullification and Interposition" is the answer to stopping out of control centralized government... do you agree?
  • Jefferson's often forgotten "Draft Declaration & Protest of Virginia" (1825) beautifully summed up how the government was supposed to be....did it not? 
  • How today's Democrats mostly take "Anti-Jeffersonian" positions and why they no longer want to associate with Jefferson...
  • Not counting George Washington... 13 of the first 17 presidential terms (throw in a month for William Henry Harrison) were "Jeffersonian Republican" terms... Have the centralized government aggrandizers post "War of Northern Aggression" progressively covered up our great Jeffersonian roots?!?
  • What did Jefferson observe that made him believe that the cities were corrupt and the countryside was pure?
  • During Jefferson's time could only property owners vote?
  • Were the dangers of "mobocracy" forewarned by Jefferson?
  • Historians in the past 100 years have decided to create the term "Democratic-Republican" for Jefferson's "Republican" party... But, he never called it that... Wasn't Lincoln's Republican party far different in views from that of Jefferson's "original" Republican party?
  • One final whimsical question: Jefferson's beloved wife Martha hated to travel. If she had NOT died giving birth in 1782 he likely would not have later traveled to France as Minister. How would the world have been different if Jefferson hadn't gone to France? For one...would his influence have helped to make the 1787 Constitutional convention more Republican in nature??  


Sunday, March 18, 2018


The long awaited "Objectivist Panel" takes to the TRP stage!!! ...John From Conn, George the Atheist, and Bob from Stony Point join John & Frank for an enthralling 60 minute discussion that you simply don't want to miss!!!  

"The meeting of the minds..." (None of the 3 are affiliated with an "official" Objectivist organization but they consider themselves "Objectivists.")

It's a great compliment to TRP that three regular listeners and callers are "Objectivists!"

10's of millions of Ayn Rand's books have sold and 100's of thousands more sell every year!
  • This is what "Right-wing atheism" looks like... people that believe in Free Enterprise, Individual Rights, & Reason!
  • "If something is to be believed to be true it's a good start if it's not invisible!"
  • Steve Ditko, co-creator of Spider-man, is an Ayn Rand aficionado... He created Objectivist inspired comics in the early 70's... one called Avenging World...
  • Read Ayn Rand's very influential, Capitalism the Unknown Ideal...
  • Ayn Rand spoke before the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC) in 1947 as a "friendly witness" speaking out against Communism...
  • Visit the official Ayn Rand site, The Ayn Rand Institute (ARI).
  • The Atlas Society is an "unofficial" site of note...
  • "Much of the modern Conservative & Libertarian movements have plagiarized and stolen from Ayn Rand without crediting her..."
  • Why it's moral and just to believe in Free Enterprise & Individual Rights!
  • Socialist Gene Roddenberry created the famous Spock character in an attempt to undercut logic... why he created a dichotomy between reason & emotions...
  • "Proof is the duty of the affirmative side... A negative cannot be positively proved!"
  • "Imagine for a minute if there was no afterlife... ...Would you waste your life? ...Wouldn't you be more apt to make the most out of it?"
  • Let's demand that Mattel come out with an "Ayn Rand doll" as a counterweight to their vile Left-wing "Frida Kahlo doll!" ..."Are the executives at Mattel crazy for promoting a committed Communist?!?" ..."What better inspiration for a young girl could there be than an Ayn Rand doll?!? ...Let there be a ground swell of support for it!!"
  • Why the Left is really against guns...
  • Ayn Rand on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson (1967.)
  • The Ayn Rand Mike Wallace Interview (1959.)
  • Ayn Rand on Phil Donahue #1.
  • Ayn Rand on Phil Donahue #2 (1979.)
  • Milton Friedman on Phil Donahue #1 (1979.) (Famous "Libertarian" economist...)
  • Milton Friedman on Phil Donahue #2 (1980.)
  • The great men that built this country were the "Captains of Industry!" not "Robber Barons..."
  • "The Left's way of acquiring things is through force and coercion..." ..."They go after that innate human weakness... the desire of something for nothing..."
  • Experience the "sacred fire" of Liberty!
  • Frank & John From Conn debate the merits of "protectionist tariffs..." ...Read Frederic Bastiat's Sophisms of the Protectionists. 
  • Read The New Left: The Anti-Industrial Revolution. 
  • Go on a Capitalist "vision quest"... Visit Oil Creek State Park in PA! 
  • There are no "billboards" in Vermont... Niagara Falls was a leader in the early American tourism industry...
  • George was first exposed to Ayn Rand at City College (CUNY) in the 60's ...The "Proletarian Harvard..."
  • The great "Jeffersonian," Justice Clarence Thomas, is also an Ayn Rand aficionado!
  • If you were on trial for your life... would you want the 12 jurors to deal reasonably on the facts or use emotions and faith??
  • Marxism is a religion... They have their irrational "holy trinity" of Marx, Lenin, & Engels... 
  • John From Conn shares a story about Thomas Jefferson's "holy trinity..." ...From 1791 when John Adams and Alexander Hamilton came to dinner!
  • The difference between the "Right-wing" & "Left-wing" founding fathers! ...Jefferson's "strict construction" vs. Hamilton's "living breathing document..." ...To understand fully read: Inquiry into the origin and course of political parties in the United Statesby the great Martin Van Buren!
  • "The Left are not bird crap on the feet of Jefferson's statue!"
  • Why do we need philosophy?? ...Read Philosophy:Who needs it...
  • To understand the history of philosophy read The Ominous Parallels by Dr. Leonard Peikoff.
  • Robert Reich's new Lefty book is a waste of space... More Socialist drivel and Ayn Rand smearing...
  • Bob ends with a thought provoking quote, "We can ignore reality... But we cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality!" Thank you!!

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Sharyl Attkisson Interview! (3/9/18)

We are honored to welcome Sharyl Attkisson to the Right Perspective, she is host of SINCLAIR’s popular Sunday morning national TV news program: Full Measure. Which focuses on investigative and accountability reporting. It's broadcast to 43 million households!

She is a 5-time Emmy award winner... and recipient of the Edward R. Murrow award for investigative reporting.

She is author of The Smear: How Shady Political Operatives and Fake News Control What You See, What You Think, and How You Vote...

Enjoy this interview with a true professional! One of the last journalists of integrity left standing!!