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Dr. Mark Andrew Holowchak TRP Interview! (4/17/20)

We would like to welcome back to the program, Jeffersonian Hero, Dr. Mark Andrew Holowchak—philosopher, historian, and editor of, The Journal of Thomas Jefferson’s Life and Times. He is author/editor of 15 books—with several more to come—and well over 100 published essays on Thomas Jefferson. He is also author of many other books and numerous essays on psychotherapy, Greek/Roman philosophy, ethics, philosophy of education, philosophy of sport, and critical thinking, among other things. He passes his time in the study of Jefferson’s mind and is currently retired after 33 years of teaching philosophy, classics, history, philosophy of science, and psychology.

The preeminent Jeffersonian scholar of our time returns to TRP to discuss the censorship he continues to face as he dares to apply reason and objective thinking to the historiography of Thomas Jefferson!

One of the books he is currently working is, The Scholars' Thomas Jefferson: Essential Writings.

Dr. Holowchak thanks again for coming back on the program and also helping us honor Thomas Jefferson's 277th birthday which was this past Monday April 13th!

  1. Dr. Holowchek fills us in as to what has been going on since we spoke last year concerning his plight with the "oppressive Leftist orthodoxy" running Monticello... Have his books been allowed there as of yet and have they been open to fact based discussion?
  2. Is the "Hemmings Cult" still calling Jefferson a racist?
  3. Is it true Charlottesville Virginia is no longer celebrating the great Jefferson's birthday and that they are now celebrating something called "Slave Liberation day??"
  4. In light of what is going on right now... What was the extent of and what were Jefferson's thoughts & suggestions to help mitigate epidemics like the "great yellow fever epidemic of 1793" in Philadelphia?
  5. Thomas Jefferson was a polymath. The scale and vastness of his incredibly regimented learning schedule is remarkable! The work ethic he practiced daily for fulfillment is inspiring in scope and accomplishment! "Conceptual" not just "perceptual" thinking every day for such a long extended period!
  6. How much work and effort does it take to really know Thomas Jefferson the man? Do you need to be a polymath to be a Jefferson scholar?
  7. How many books did Jefferson read in his lifetime? How about all the thousands of letters he wrote and answered to everyone both public & private? What style and how in-depth were they? What were the letters to his family and daughters like?
  8. Jefferson very virtuously never desired for any of his voluminous inventions to be patented!
  9. Jefferson had an "incredible interest in the interest of life..." ...Believing men are to be set free to be "truly industrious" in the greatest possible capacity, moving toward the ever expanding light of knowledge & "Free Enterprise!"
  10. Thomas Jefferson was a "Man of Action" grounded in idealism and common sense combining to "champion the rights and accomplishments of virtuous men..."
  11. There has been much debate among historians about what type of religion, if any, Jefferson practiced?
  12. What is the actual evidence when it comes to the paternity of Sally Hemmings' children? Was it all a myth created by disgruntled polemicist James Callender & first put forward by Jefferson's political arch-rivals? 
  13. Jefferson was hiding mulatto children at his house! (Not his own and decades before Sally Hemmings' children were born...) His father-in-law's (John Wayles) illegitimate children with slave concubine Betty Hemmings! ...(Sally Hemmings was their daughter. She and 5 of her siblings along with their future children all lived at Monticello starting in 1773 after John Wayles' death...)  
  14. What's the difference between a "modern liberal", "classical liberal" & a "Jeffersonian Republican?"
  15. Why did Jefferson create the Jefferson Bible and why did he promote a "wall of separation between church and state?"
  16. In what letter did Jefferson famously write, "Fix reason firmly in her seat, and call to her tribunal every fact, every opinion. Question with boldness even the existence of a god; because, if there be one, he must more approve the homage of reason, than that of blindfolded fear."
  17. What was the sum total of Jefferson's morality and his "moral sense?"
  18. What were Jefferson's thoughts of John Adams & Alexander Hamilton?
  19. Is "the city dwellers" versus "the farmers" paradigm still applicable today?
  20. How everything in "Jeffersonian Republicanism" is still applicable today!



Saturday, April 4, 2020

Interview with NJ Republican Senatorial Candidate Dr. Rik Mehta! (4/3/20)

We are honored to welcome Dr. Rik Mehta to the program!

He received his B.S. from Rutgers University and his PhD from the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences. 

A Pharmacist, professor of law at Georgetown University, & an attorney. He is former Senior Deputy Director for the Health Regulation and Licensing Administration.

As you all know he is running for the United States Senate in NJ as a Republican, looking to win the nomination and unseat Cory Booker...

Professionally, Dr. Mehta is a biotech entrepreneur and a renowned global healthcare policy expert. He is co-founder and sits on the Board of two privately held companies; The first is a regulatory technology firm built to reduce burdens imposed on doctors by state governments. The latter, very importantly right now, is a biotherapeutics company developing novel oral treatments targeting rare diseases! 

Previously, Dr. Mehta worked at the United States Food and Drug Administration, starting during the George W. Bush Administration, advancing policies aimed at expediting and improving access to quality affordable drugs and free market based health care. 

Dr. Mehta has deep expertise untangling the unnecessarily complicated regulations that make drugs expensive and healthcare unaffordable. He knows we need real healthcare reform now more than ever! Reform driven by competition and innovation, not government control!

With everything going on in the world right now he is the perfect Candidate for Senate in NJ... He will discuss tonight how he can truly make a very unique difference helping to navigate us out of our current crisis! & how he will help make NJ great again!