Monday, April 16, 2012

TRP! (4/13/12)

Frank triumphantly returns less than six weeks after surgery!
He hasn't missed a beat and quickly launches into the media for their cowardice in the covering of the George Zimmerman case. After a classic Frank Fury, he reminds us about Daniel Ciccario, a young White man who was savagely shot by a Black man several years ago. In that incident, the victim was made out to be the criminal -and then- New York Governor David Patterson disgracefully commuted the sentence of the Black man, because of perceived "racial oppression." Frank says that the real motive behind the George Zimmerman case is to simply make an example of him. It seems we no longer have a system of justice, but of jungle law.

Captain Ron Beermunder
In a special one on one interview!
John talks to fellow conservative, firearms expert, and owner of, Blackwater River Tactical Range in Florida, Captain Ron Beermunder. He & John discuss some not commonly talked about apects of the "George Zimmerman Tragedy." But, sparks fly in the end as they butt heads over the emphasis of race in the case. Blackwater Tactical Range

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