Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Timothy P. Carney Interview! (1/30/15)

Timothy P. Carney is the Senior Political Columnist for the Washington Examiner and is a visiting fellow with the American Enterprise Institute. Tim helps direct AEI’s "Culture of Competition Project," which examines barriers to competition in all areas of American life, from the economy to the world of ideas. He has over a decade of experience as a journalist covering the intersection of politics and economics. His work at AEI focuses on how to reinvigorate a competitive culture in America in which all can reap the benefits of a fair economy. He is the author of the very popular book, The Big Ripoff: How Big Business and Big Government Steal Your Money. He is here tonight to share things with you about our country and the economy that we know you have not heard before!

Timothy explains:
  • How Big Business is destroying the economy at the expense of small entrepreneurs and every American consumer!
  • The proper definition of "corporate welfare."
  • That the Export/Import Bank is a Free Enterprise nightmare!
  • That Government "improperly" moves money around the economy while true Free Enterprise "properly moves" an economy.
  • How to deal with countries that do not believe in "fair trade."
  • The historically proven failure of "economic protectionism."
  • Does the "military industrial complex" really exist?
  • How Philip Morris obtained a monopoly and beneficial regulations for themselves despite the government's famous "anti-tobacco campaign."
  • The origin of onerous American regulations started with Alexander Hamilton during the Whiskey Rebellion and really got ramped up under Teddy Roosevelt.
  • How Warren Buffett would benefit from the killing of the Keystone Pipeline.
  • How and why "the rich" vote republican but "the very rich" vote democrat!
  • Why 7 of the 10 richest counties in America are within commuting distance of Washington D.C.
  • How the "Death Tax" helps Bill Gates and Warren Buffett!
  • How "eminent domain" hurts mom and pop businesses in favor of Big Business and Big Government.
  • Is Free Enterprise dying??
  • Why Big Business avoids risk and free market actions by getting in bed with Big Government.
  • Does Big Business favor Obamacare?
  • What is the "cure" for the abnormalities in the economy and how do we end the unhealthy synergistic relationship of Big Government and Big Business?
  • Why "economic competition" is virtuous...
  • Why the "pursuit of profit" is a noble undertaking! 
  • Why we need to stop favors to Big Business! (Liberty for all!! Favors to none!!)
  • How Free Enterprise lifts people out of poverty, NOT government!!

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