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Classic Neo-Bolshevism...

Disgraceful Leftists...

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Professor Marco Bassani TRP Interview #2: Chaining down Leviathan: The American Dream of Self-Government (3/24/23)

   We are very honored to welcome back to the program Jeffersonian hero, Dr. Marco Bassani, Professor of History of Political Thought at the University of Milan. He earned his Ph.D. in Political Science in 1995 at the University of Pisa. He was born in Chicago and educated in Italy and the United States, he joined the faculty of the University of Milan in 1998. Professor Bassani's main area of research is American political thought from the American Revolution to the Civil War.

    Last year Professor Bassani was on and it was a great success. One of our most listened to interviews ever! We thoroughly discussed his first book, Liberty, State, and Union: The Political Theory of Thomas Jefferson (2010.) 

    Tonight we will be discussing his second book, Chaining down Leviathan. The American Dream of Self-Government (2021.) 

    John From Conn & Nick From GA join in for this amazing & very lively hour of talk radio that you simply will not hear anywhere else! 

    First, professor Bassani updates us as to his travails against Leftist oppression! As the audience might remember; the Left tried to "cancel him" for a funny little cartoon meme he posted about Kamala Harris on his personal Facebook page! Last we heard he was fighting to get some salary back plus more, for a month suspension that was wrongfully handed down to him by his university. 

20 questions + with the great professor!

 1) What was the purpose of your second book, Chaining down Leviathan. The American Dream of Self-Government? Is it a continuation of your first book, Liberty, State, and Union: The Political Theory of Thomas Jefferson

2) How do you feel about the term "democracy," when people use it all the time to describe our form of government? The word democracy is not mentioned in the Constitution. Has the meaning changed since Jefferson's time? Isn't the proper term supposed to be "a Republic?" 

3) Can you tell us the difference between 19th century Federalism & 20th century Pluralism?

4) This new book almost seems like a prequel to Robert Higgs' great book, Crisis and Leviathan (1987), is it not?

5) Thomas Jefferson's entire life struggle was against the consolidation of power. For him and his "Republican" followers it was always foremost about "self-government & freedom" and not some blind loyalty to the "cult of the Constitution of 1787" and certainly not about some made-up idea of a "perpetual union" that must live forever... correct?

6) The professor reminds us of Andrew Jackson's famous toast to Thomas Jefferson and John C. Calhoun's perfect response!

7) Please explain why the pact of secrecy maintained at the Constitutional Convention of 1787 ended up being such a big win for those that desired enlarging centralized power...

8) At the Convention, isn't it true that most people today think it was simply a "gathering of people" and not what it actually was, a "gathering of States?"

9) Isn't it right that the very few hand-written eyewitness daily accounts of the Convention of 1787 were actually only made public some 35 to 50 years later!?!? How did this help the centralizers to fabricate their false narrative over those years?

10) Why was the idea of "Federal common law" so dangerous?

11) For the Hamiltonian Leftist centralizers of his day and straight on through to Lincoln and his party, it seems the main goal was to engraft the "the modern centralized State of European origin" on the healthy body of the voluntary Republic. Did they want an absolute monopoly where the National government was the self-regulating judge of the extent of its own power?

12) Frank From Queens always asks the question to the audience, "what enforces the Constitution?" What is the answer?

13) Was there a difference between Thomas Jefferson and John C. Calhoun when it came to how to stop out of control centralized power?

14) Using force against a recalcitrant State was rejected at the Convention of 1787 was it not? How was the "Force Bill of 1833," ushered in by Daniel Webster, a major blow to the States' rights movement? Would any single State have ratified the Constitution if they thought force could be used against them by the National government?

15) Can there be Socialism without centralized power?

16) Why do some modern Libertarians not seem to grasp the concept that Ronald Reagan's attempts to beat back centralized power were much harder than say Thomas Jefferson's, because Reagan was completely stymied by circumstance, finding himself smack dab in the middle of a "centralized modern State?"

17) John C. Calhoun properly countered a Marxist myth when he said that, "the source of inequality between the people is not the market but the State."  

18) Have we reached the "critical mass of centralization?" Can we ever defeat the mountain of money that drives the deep state? Is there enough federalism left to save us?

19) Was the "American dream of self-government" shattered after the War to Prevent Southern Independence?

20) Power can only be resisted by power; and is "competitive federalism" the best answer to stopping tyranny, mobocracy, & elective despotism?

"Malo periculosam, libertatem quam quietam servitutem." (turbulence for liberty is preferred to quiet servitude.) --TJ

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Which Leftist sent this???

Leftist devils enemies of the Productive class!



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Never believe the Paper of Misrecord... It finds what it wants to find...

Lock HIM up...

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Spot on

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The way we "protest" Leftist tyranny...

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Who Can You Trust?

   Pete and Repeat were working for the mainstream media. Pete had a thought of his own, who was left? Repeat. Pete and Repeat were working for the mainstream media. Pete had a thought of his own, who was left? Repeat. Pete and Repeat were working for the mainstream media. Pete had a thought of his own, who was left? Repeat. I can go on forever, and it feels like I have already I’m sure. Regardless of the news story, you can turn to any news network or show and hear the same talking points. There is little change in the information as the pundits and talking heads mindlessly parrot the talking points like they were tossed a fresh biscuit. Does Repeat want a biscuit? Squawk, “Russian collusion!” Squawk, “Ivermectin is a horse tranquilizer!” Squawk, “The laptop is fake, disinformation!” Squawk, “No evidence the election was stolen!” People have lost trust in the media because media has lost almost all credibility. 

   Most news outlets cannot simply report the facts but must editorialize every news story. Sorry Karen, sorry Bob, I don’t care about your opinion about the train derailments, can you give me the facts, not what you think about the situation. This is why I refrain from using the word “journalist” but use “media” instead. People really do not consider media true journalism anymore. ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, or FOX are not where people turn to get balanced news that is fact without opinion. I know, I’m preaching to the choir, but what is the solution? We cannot boycott all media outlets and have an information blackout. I might as well be a hermit or a leftist (I haven’t quite figured out the difference, potato/potato). There aren’t many solutions to the problem. I cannot miraculously inspire mainstream media towards honor and integrity in reporting. There can be honest reporting, but it’s rare. How can someone determine a true story versus squawk talk? 

   If a story is repeated verbatim across several media outlets, there is a high degree of probability that the story is bogus. Agencies have become lazy, there is a distinct lack of journalism and fact checking in media. Part of that blames lays with society because the majority of the population has an attention span that reached its peak at 6. This means that I lost half the readers about 12 lines ago, so, I’ll wrap up. Do not buy the news story. If there are sources, use them. Look for more sources to the same story, more voices, and pull together all of the information that you can. It is easy to see that the main stream media only will give a portion of the critical information to manipulate your opinion of a story. That’s the problem with mainstream media, they automatically assume that their audience is dumb. They might assume that, but we will read 3-4 more sources to get to the truth instead of sitting in front of a television with our mouth agape, squawking for more while media outlets regurgitate small portions of useless information into us. The United States is under attack from within, and the war is all but lost on effective, honest journalism. Which of our institutions will go next? 

 Stay strong my friends! 

 Aaron from GA

Deep state? American KGB??

Free DJT!

Fauci vs Fauci

End wokeness!

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The Media Criminals...

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Neo-Bolshevik revisionism...

Democrats' ATM bank...


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Fauci and his Big Government Co-conspirators...

Beringians acting like savages...

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Tucker demolishes the J6 farce Part 2...

Tucker demolishes the J6 farce...

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How it all began...


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Look at the look on Garland's face after he is called out. Watch out for a raid on your house Josh...

Entitlement Culture...

  My boys play baseball. They play in little league, and they play well. My youngest son came home from practice upset. He was upset that he didn’t get a chance to pitch. I asked him if he was bigger than the other kids on his team, he said no. Did he work harder at pitching than he did his batting and fielding? Again, the answer was no. So, I have to ask, why do you deserve the opportunity to pitch? He said that he didn’t know. (This is where we actually need to parent our children.) I could have called the coach and chewed him out for not giving my son a chance to pitch, but I didn’t. My son and I had a talk instead. I told him, just because you want to pitch doesn’t mean that anyone owes you an opportunity that you haven’t earned. You are small for your age, which means that you have to work harder, be more focused, and more determined than everyone else to achieve the result that you want. Say you work harder than everyone else, and still don’t get what you want, what then? Everyone else quits, you can’t quit. Work hard, create good habits now, they will stay with you for the rest of your life. As long as you don’t quit, you have an immediate advantage over 70% of the population (that’s my statistic, but it could be higher based on the weak-minded quitters that I see regularly). Life is not fair, you can put in the work and still not get it. You have to be willing to work harder than everyone around you, that’s how you overcome and win at life. The world owes you nothing, not even an opportunity. If you want to pitch, you have to sacrifice something else to do it. True success comes at a cost and it’s usually something you love to do. This is something that whiners complain about, and winners eliminate and forget.
  Generation after generation of entitled, weak-minded, weak-willed, quitters. They will mindlessly follow unless it interferes with their video game time. I have a compromise, they have to read and be outside for the same amount of time that they want to play games, do chores around the house to earn game time, but it isn’t given, it must be earned. As parents, we have created a generation of brittle children, that buckle under the lightest pressure. There are opportunities everywhere for those that can handle the pressure, and did you know that you can get paid more for handling high stress positions!? Crazy! Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot of pressure for every age group. Not everyone can handle it, but so many never try. Instead, they quit and feel that they are entitled to status, opportunities, and higher income without actually earning it. This evolved form of nepotism is toxic to our society. We can see children of prominent politicians procure high six figure salaries with major network television, jobs with Ukrainian oil companies, or sell finger paintings for hundreds of thousands of dollars with no formal artistic training. It becomes easy to see why the upcoming generations feel entitled to everything without earning it because we as a society has conditioned them to do so. 

  Not anymore. Here are five things that you need to tell your son or daughter today.

1. Control what you put into your body. Whether it’s drugs, alcohol, fast food, or sex, none of those things today will make a better version of yourself tomorrow. I know, you feel entitled to momentary escape and pleasure, but it’s a bad long-term result. Eat fast food every meal for a month and see how motivated you feel.

2. Exercise. You would have to run for an hour to burn the calories from two cookies, but that’s on you. Put your self together. Learn how to fight. Take Jiu Jitsu, it teaches you how to combat larger opponents. Also, if some kids knew what it felt like to get punched in the face, there would be less of them running their mouth, just saying.

3. Strengthen your mind. Read actual books, and not just from authors or subjects you know and agree with. Read subjects that will push the boundaries so you can argue intellectually against them. Reading opens your mind to new ideas and presents the solution to problems instead of creating them.

4. Cut back on tv, video games, social media. This is simple, write down the amount of time you spend gaming, on Instagram, or in front of the television. If you spend more than one hour on any platform it is time to cut back. Apps and games have a way of controlling and dominating your time. Change your algorithm, reclaim your time, you can never get it back.

5. Learn to communicate effectively. Have you tried having a conversation with an elitist, leftist, moron? It is physically painful, like a sandpaper thong, irritating in all the wrong places (enjoy the visual). Casual polite conversation is quickly fading, so get your head out of your phone and speak, I don’t speak in emojis LOL, YOLO, #mybrainisofficiallyoatmeal.

  Do all five or start with one and incorporate more when you see progress, where you start is not the issue, but when you start is. Start now. As a parent you cannot rely on others to show your children a path to success. If you are a parent and you aren’t doing these things, it is a good day for you to start as well. Take the time today, to be a better version of yourself tomorrow. Do nothing and expect your kids to be handed everything, fine, you are entitled to your opinion, but I’m not entitled to listen.

Stay strong my friends!
Aaron from GA