Monday, October 14, 2013

TRP! (10/11/13)

"Hail Columbus!...Hail Columbus!!!...Hail Columbus!!!!!"
We celebrate the great Solutreo Italian, Cristoforo Colombo! TRP reveres the legendary hero that returned our stolen land to us. "He of the First Blood" (formerly Frank of Queens) believes it is a simple case of race memory that drove the explorer west to reclaim Northern Solutrea for our people. A man of courage and integrity, he brilliantly used the trade winds to guide him on his bold and visionary journey into the unknown. Many countries and peoples have tried to lay claim to his legacy, from Spain, Italy, Portugal, Iceland, Africa, and even Jews like Simon Wiesenthal have tried to latch onto his greatness. He of the First Blood will stand for none of this nonsense and dispels many of the common Columbus myths, including those portrayed in Wiesenthal's book, Sails of Hope.... "That which was ours was ours again! Never to be taken from us again!"

The Foreign Occupier, Little Mugabe, seemingly models himself after a typical African dictator. It appears very few Republicans have the nerve to hold their ground against this modern day Caligula in the battle to defund Obama-scam and lower the debt. John applauds the efforts of the last two men standing in the senate, Ted Cruz and Mike Lee. Two men of backbone, like the great Antonius, that asked the question, "is there not a man left in Rome??" Frank has had enough with the "Quisling" "Status Quo Republicans" and all their caving in. Enough is enough, they have stabbed the Tea Party in the back once too often. He says, "it's time for a change! This time, it's time for real change!"

Also, in an exchange unlike any you will hear on mainstream talk radio, sparks fly yet again between John of SI and John From Conn, as they hash out what needs to be done to save our once proud Republic!

Plus...Fix "the structure not the administrators!" by returning to the Principles of 98' ---that's 1798!...We don't have a problem of "administration of government," but, of "form of government."...The hypocrisy and contradiction of the Left!...Jane of WV gets her own theme music...Mass murderer Robert Mugabe honored in NY...Free Enterprise is power over nature, government is power over man...Would Hitler have risen to power with his original surname Schicklgruber?...Fear is the passion of slaves!...Limbaugh a huckster?...The Left's common use of the equivocation "never the less."...A Liberal wants diversity with everything, except when it comes to their preferred command and control style government!...Pinochet gave up power after seventeen years and had elections, its been over fifty years and we are still waiting for free and open elections in Cuba!...The Left is in their own Dracula movie, they cannot resist the constant urge to suck the blood of the "productive class."...Five hack appointed lawyers on the Supreme Court were never meant to be the final arbiter of our all our liberties!...We have turned into the "United State of Greater America."....The famous John of SI dictum is "never believe anything a Liberal says." John From Conn adds his own dictum, "never believe anything your government teaches you about history."...Obama tells America to take two aspirin and call him in the morning...your phone calls and much much more!!...718.761.9996!

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