Friday, April 28, 2017

Kyle Bristow Interview! (4/15/11)


"WURRRRRLD Solutrean Month" WRAPS UP!!!

Inspired by listening to TRP, Kyle Bristow, brought us his wonderful thriller, White Apocalypse!

In White Apocalypse, a rogue anthropologist teams up with a proponent of the Solutrean Hypothesis and a fiery lawyer in order to reveal to the world the shocking truth that carries immense cultural, political, and racial significance: 17,000 years ago, white people immigrated to North and South America from Europe, and when the Beringians arrived by crossing the Bering Strait roughly 12,000 years ago, the latter subsequently and systematically murdered the former. The powers that be will do everything that they can to prevent this controversial theory from being espoused by the trio, and during this action-packed, semi-fictional thriller, the epic adventure will take the advocates of historical revisionism from the forests of southeastern Michigan to a federal courtroom in Ohio, from the busy streets of Washington, D.C. to a Beringian reservation in Virginia!

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Saturday, April 22, 2017

★Wurrrrrld Solutrean Day Celebration!!!★ with Rody L. Johnson! (4/21/17)

Rody Johnson was raised in Vero Beach, Florida and educated at the University of Virginia, where he received engineering and MBA degrees.

He worked many years for the Harris Corporation in Melbourne, Florida, managing: Department of Defense, New York Times, and TVA’s nuclear power plant projects.

Upon retirement he became publisher of a community newspaper.

He has written five very interesting books...

Different Battles - a World War II U-boat attack off the Florida coast that involved his father and a U-boat commander

In Their Footsteps - West Virginia from its early settlement to the end of the nineteenth century.

The Rise and Fall of Dodgertown - the sixty-year history of this iconic spring training facility.

Chasing the Wind – A look at the many faces of alternative energy and its effect on a small community

Tonight he is here to discuss his: An Ice Age Mystery: Unearthing the Secrets of the Old Vero Site

The Excavating of an archaeological site where 100 years ago we believe Solutrean remains were found along with 13,000-year-old extinct mammals well before the Clovis Beringians! Former TRP guest, Dr. James Adovasio is now involved with the excavation....

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Friday, April 14, 2017

Dr. James Chatters TRP Interview! (4/10/08)


"WURRRRRLD Solutrean Month" continues!

Dr. James Chatters joined John & Frank back in 2008 for this exclusive interview! His facial reconstruction of our "great Soultrean ancestor," the Kennewick Man, caused quite a stir because of it's resemblance to caucasoid European features! He explained how the KGB harassed him and how Beringian tribal leaders forced the Army Corps of Engineers to bury the Kennewick site under 600 tons of rock and gravel! ...All in an attempt to halt scientific progress and to sustain the Beringians' "long held victim status" at the expense of our true history!

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Thursday, April 6, 2017

Dr. Dennis Stanford Interview! (4/18/08)


"The Father of Solutrea," Dr. Dennis Stanford joined TRP 10 years ago to discuss his most famous and ground breaking topic, the "Solutrean Hypothesis!!" ...Without "our greatest elder" leading the way, there would be no "Wurrrrrld Solutrean Day!!" ...Always remember our slogans...."We were here first!!" and "Iberia not Siberia!!"

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