Tuesday, July 26, 2022

These are some crazy fools...

Friday, July 22, 2022


"Partisan zealots" rather than "truth-seekers!"

"Partisan zealots" rather than "truth-seekers!"

Thursday, July 21, 2022

The "Media Criminals" are public enemy #1

Big Government/Big Pharma Devils!

President Brandon welcomed to Taxachusetts...

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The Cortez broad is a fraud...

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Spot on Mr. Freedom!

End white supremacy!!!

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"This is just getting ridiculous..." (end of quote... repeat the line...)

Now Biden has given America the worst inflation in 40 years!

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Insane Devils on the Left!

Saturday, July 2, 2022

"Pro-Abortion listener" sends in a convincing case...

A Case for Abortion

The recent ruling of the Supreme Court of the United States has sparked much outrage, and rightly so, pushing women’s rights back to pre-industrial era with its patriarchal oppression. There should be some abortion utopias left in at least a few states that celebrate freedom and a woman’s right to choose. Raising children is difficult and no one is a perfect parent and should shirk that responsibility every chance they get. MY body MY choice, MY body MY choice. This short paper is to explain why it is necessary to celebrate late term abortions, post-birth abortions, and obviously early-stage development abortion.

First, the capitalist society that we have been indoctrinated in, make the rich richer and the poor poorer. With the government stretched to the absolute limit regarding its deficit already, it would make more fiscal sense for the government to pay for an abortion than to continue to give financial assistance until that thing is 18. Financially speaking, this parasite drains its mother, then it drains society, NOBODY wins. Especially the parasite. Children that were wanted are often neglected, discouraged, or forgotten, what do you think happens to the parasites that aren’t wanted but are still forced into existence? Which is why I support abortion at various stages, late term, post-birth, and early-stage development.

Late-term abortions should be a no brainer! Even the republican idiots should see that that isn’t a life, just a larger clump of cells. I don’t care what the reason, if the woman carried that parasite 8 months and 29 days and was scheduled to push that 8-pound 9 oz turd out tomorrow, she still has the right to abort. It isn’t a life until the woman says it is. Legislation needs to be passed to protect my right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, which does not involve carrying anything in my body for 9 months and pushing it out of my vagina, does that sound like happiness. This brings me to post-birth abortion.

Post-birth abortion is not as well known yet, but it is still my body so I should still get to choose. Once that thing is out, (if I decided to keep it to this point, doubtful, but let’s pretend) there is a formula shortage which means that thing is going to be destroying my nipples and drinking me dry like a teenager draining a Slurpee. No mother knows if they are ready for motherhood, sometimes after they’ve pushed it out. So, they should have the option for post-birth abortion. This would involve shoving a sock in its mouth, so you won’t here it cry and then tying it up in a garbage bag. The important thing is that the birthing person doesn’t have to suffer trying to take care of this much larger clump of cells that is destined to ruin my sex life. Side note, what man will ever want to have sex with me after he sees that I’ve pushed anything that big out of my vagina, uh no one.

Early development abortion happens just before that thing can talk, or if you have a slow child, you have more time. There are times when birthing persons cannot make the decision in time, and when they finally muster the courage to abort the clump of cells it may be 24 months post-birth, (for the record, I support a birthing person’s right to an abortion up to 108 months more on that in a moment). There are a number of different ways to abort at this point depending on the size of the clump of cells, but lots of sleeping medication and a garbage bag, but I recommend how abortion clinics do it now, which is a sharp instrument to the heart. You can wrap it in a blanket, so it seems like a return to the womb. You may also need to push the sharp instrument into their heart a few times to make sure you got it. A hefty bag or bags depending on the size of cells along with a Mr. Clean magic eraser and my life is back. That thing is not alive, don’t cry. The important thing is that you are without a doubt better off without a clump of cells clinging to you for YEARS. As a provision to the law, there are birthing persons that push that clump of cells out without knowing that they were even pregnant. If you can hold it in the toilet or underwater until the abortion is done or wrap the umbilical cord around the cells that look like a neck (it’s not human yet, because you haven’t identified it as life yet) you shouldn’t be punished because you didn’t even know that you were sick.

There are stupid people that yell “pro-life”, yeah, I’m pro-my-life. Carrying anything that I don’t want is a violation, and my right to choose is more important than someone else pretending that a clump of cells exists which it clearly doesn’t. Planned Abortionhood can take all of those cells from abortions and make whatever they want from them. I know of a company in Colorado that is composting remains, I think that would be fitting, or burn the cells for energy, that could solve our energy crisis! If we converted aborted cells into fuel and lowered gas prices, the GOP would be on board then. In closing, birthing persons should have the right to abort up to 108 months outside the womb, it is the liberals of the country making a rational decision. Since the GOP won’t pass reasonable gun legislation, it’s up to democrats to stop a clump of cells from becoming the next school shooter.

(Obviously, this is meant to be satirical but what scares me is some will see the logic of my argument. I weep for our future. The good news is if more abortion activists have abortions, there will be less of them available to vote in 18 years.)

--Thanks Aaron.