Thursday, February 13, 2020

An Actual Benefit of Marxism/Socialism???

Will Virginians Secede Again?

Will Virginians Secede Again?

West Virginia became the last slave state to enter the Union in 1863 when the Lincoln administration illegally and unconstitutionally declared it to have seceded from the rest of Virginia (the Constitution requires a vote of the state legislature, which of course was not done).  Lincoln had approved an “enabling act” to admit West Virginia into the Union on December 31, 1862.  The new state government was administered not by West Virginians but by the Republican Party out of Alexandria, Virginia during the war.  That gave the Republican Party more congressional seats, more electoral college votes, more tax revenue, two more senators, and more young men to be conscripted into its army and sent off to kill their fellow Virginians. The text of the Emancipation Proclamation (see paragraph 5 in the link) specifically exempted West Virginia (and all other areas of the South where the Union Army was in control at the time and could have actually emancipated some slaves).

Today, in light of the takeover of the government in Richmond by far-left Democrat/Bolsheviks funded extravagantly by the likes of George Soros and Michael Bloomberg, and their clear intent to gut the Second Amendment in the state (for mere starters), there is once again serious talk of secession.

The governor of West Virginia, with the support of members of his state legislature, is inviting those Virginia counties who have declared themselves to be Second Amendment sanctuary counties, to secede from Virginia and become a part of West Virginia once again.  He is deadly serious.

In addition to the Second Amendment, the West Virginia governor contrasts himself to the goulish governor of Virginia, Ralph Northam, who is on record in a widely-viewed videotape of supporting not only abortion up to the last minute of pregnancy, but the murder of the baby after a botched abortion in which the child survives.  Infanticide, in other words.  But only after the doctor consults with the mother, he assured his audience.