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★The Great Kate Smith Honored on TRP!★
Her Heartbroken Family, led by Nephew, Bob Andron, sets the Record Straight! (4/26/19)

 One of America’s most popular entertainers in the 1920s, ‘30s, and ‘40s, vocalist  Kate Smith graced radio, vinyl, films, TV, and concert halls well into the ‘60's... Irving Berlin wrote the song, God Bless America, in 1918 and revised it in 1938 specifically with her singing the song in mind. It was introduced on an Armistice Day broadcast in 1938, first sung by Kate Smith, on her very popular radio show.

 The great Ronald Wilson Reagan said of Kate Smith when she was awarded America's Highest civilian honor, The Presidential Medal of Freedom, in 1982, "The voice of Kate Smith is known and loved by millions of Americans, young and old. In war and peace, it has been an inspiration. Those simple but deeply moving words, 'God bless America,' have taken on added meaning for all of us because of the way Kate Smith sang them. Thanks to her they have become a cherished part of all our lives, an undying reminder of the beauty, the courage and the heart of this great land of ours. In giving us a magnificent, selfless talent like Kate Smith, God has truly blessed America!"

 Kate Smith "stirred patriotic fervor" during World War II and contributed to selling over $600 million (equivalent to $10 billion today) of war bonds during a series of marathon broadcasts...

 No other show-business star came near her as revenue producer of War Bonds to finance the United States' war effort. She had a radio, television, and recording career spanning five decades, which reached its pinnacle in the 1940s. Smith became known as The "Songbird of the South" after her enduring popularity during World War II... She is also a member of the Lake Placid Hall of Fame for her charitable work...

 To Suzy Andron, one of Kate Smith's two nieces, she was simply known as "Aunt Kathryn..."

 We are honored tonight to be joined by Suzy's husband, Bob Andron, who married Suzy in 1971... Their Aunt Kathryn moved down from NYC to live near them in the late 70's when she became ill...

 Both Suzy and Bob attended the momentous occasion when their Aunt was awarded the Presidential  Medal of Freedom by President Reagan, who flew to Raleigh to present it to her. They also attended the unveiling of the famous statue erected of her at the Philadelphia Flyers stadium...

 Tonight Bob will Join us to give their families' perspective of the heartbreaking situation created last week by "modern political correctness" when their Aunt out of the blue through "Leftist historical revisionism" is now suddenly being painted as a "racist!" ...Something she was never once called during her very honorably lived life!

 In fact, for the historically ignorant & the politically motivated fools that have missed it, actually, in 1955, 24 years after singing (not writing) these supposedly "racist" songs, she was awarded a plaque commemorating a special (then famous) public speech she gave speaking out against "racism, bigotry, & intolerance!!!"


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Viewpoint: No, the DNA testing is inconclusive and, at best, proves only that any of Thomas Jefferson's male relatives could have fathered a child with Sally Hemings.

Sally Hemings' last child, born in 1808, was named Eston. That Thomas Jefferson was also Eston's father has been rumored for almost two centuries. According to some historians, Eston bore a close resemblance to President Jefferson and easily entered white society in Madison, Wisconsin, as Eston Hemings Jefferson. These accounts have served over centuries as anecdotal "proof" that Thomas Jefferson was Eston's father.

There has also been a counter-tradition that either Peter or Samuel Carr, the sons of Jefferson's sister, could have been Eston's father.

The Search for an Answer:
In the 200 years since Jefferson's time, science has developed ways of looking at deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) a molecule often called the messenger of life, to discover the genetic "fingerprints" of inheritance. Recently, some scientists felt that advances in DNA testing could either establish Jefferson's paternity or exonerate him once and for all in the case of Sally Hemings's son, Eston.

In 1998, retired pathologist Eugene A. Foster and colleagues attempted to prove or disprove paternity in the Jefferson-Hemings debate by examining the XY chromosomes in the known male descendants of Thomas Jefferson, the Carrs, and others. To help with the effort, Foster enlisted Jefferson genealogist Herbert Barger, who helped identify Jefferson male descendants who were appropriate for testing.

Testing required identifying that part of the study participants' DNA that would reveal the configuration of their Y chromosome. Every male has two inherited sex chromosomes, the X chromosome from his mother and the Y chromosome from his father. The Y chromosome is passed unchanged from father to son. In their genetic study, Foster and his colleagues found that the Y chromosome in the Jefferson line was quite distinctive. Had it been common, conclusions would have been beyond reach and the Carrs, for example, could not have been excluded as candidates.

Their methodology contained a flaw, however. In testing living Jefferson descendants, they could not exclude from the data genetic traces of long-deceased male members of the Jefferson family, of whom there were many. All, including President Jefferson, could have passed along their Y chromosome to men in the subsequent generations.

The Published Findings:
Study results were published in the British journal Nature on November 5, 1998, under the headline "Jefferson Fathered Slave's Last Child." As the story reappeared in other popular media, the study results became simplified so as to suggest that it was an unequivocal fact that Jefferson fathered a child with Hemings. The study data, however, do not point to this conclusion.

According to Foster: "We … analysed DNA from the Y chromosomes of: five male-line descendants of two sons of the president's paternal uncle, Field Jefferson; five male-line descendants of two sons of Thomas Woodson; one male-line descendant of Eston Hemings Jefferson; and three male line descendants of three sons of John Carr, grandfather of Samuel and Peter Carr. No Y-chromosome data were available from male-line descendants of President Thomas Jefferson because he had no surviving sons."

Foster and his colleagues found that the descendants of Eston Hemings Jefferson did have the Jefferson haplotype. "This haplotype is rare in the population, where the average frequency of a microsatellite haplotype is about 1.5 percent," wrote Foster. "Indeed, it has never been observed outside of the Jefferson family."

Thus, the findings of Foster and his colleagues suggest that Thomas Jefferson could have been Eston's father. At the same time, Foster confirmed that the Carr family haplotypes "differed markedly" from those of the descendants of Jefferson. This finding makes it certain that neither Samuel nor Peter Carr fathered Eston.

However, Foster and his colleagues noted that they could not "completely rule out other explanations of our findings" based in "various lines of descent."

They concluded that "a male-line descendant of Field Jefferson could possibly have illegitimately fathered an ancestor of the presumed male-line descendant of Eston. But in the absence of historical evidence to support such possibilities, we consider them to be unlikely."

The Evidence Falls Short:
In response to the question of paternity, the answer is no, DNA testing has not proven that Thomas Jefferson had at least one child with Hemings.

The data merely suggest that a number of males related to Thomas Jefferson could have fathered Eston. In other words, Jefferson was not the sole guardian of his genetic makeup; the XY chromosome is a DNA "family fingerprint" shared by some of his male relatives, any one of whom could have been the father of Hemings's son, Eston, or later fathered male descendants of Eston.

Because only living persons were tested, the Jefferson XY chromosome could have entered the lineage from several of Thomas Jefferson's contemporary male relatives or at any point in the almost 200 years since the rumor started.

Soon after the Foster article was published, Nature received letters, from scientists as well as nonprofessionals, disagreeing with the study results and, especially, disagreeing with the way they were reported.

In a letter to Nature that appeared in the January 1999 issue, David M. Abbey, MD, chief of medicine at Poudre Valley Hospital, Fort Collins, Colorado, and associate clinical professor of medicine at the Health Sciences Center at the University of Colorado, responded to the Foster study. "The DNA analysis of Y chromosome haplotypes used by Foster, et al to evaluate Thomas Jefferson's alleged paternity of Eston Hemings Jefferson is impressive," wrote Abbey. "However, the authors did not consider all the data at hand in interpreting their results. No mention was made of Jefferson's brother Randolph (1757-1815) or of his five sons. Sons of Sally Hemings conceived by Randolph (or by one of his sons) would produce a Y chromosome analysis identical to that described by Foster, et al." Abbey recommended that more data are needed to confirm Thomas Jefferson's paternity.

Could Jefferson's younger brother, Randolph, be considered an equal (if not better) candidate for being Eston's father? According to historian Eyler Robert Coates, records show that Randolph Jefferson was invited to Monticello in August 1807, about nine months before Eston was born in May 1808. Coates adds that Randolph had become a widower in 1806 and did not remarry until 1809; Coates speculates that Randolph was more likely in this period to be "susceptible to a sexual liaison." Of course, speculation over whether Randolph Jefferson, rather than Thomas Jefferson, was Eston's father is not a fact verifiable by science. He, like some other Jefferson males, was simply in the right place at the right time bearing the family XY chromosome.

Gary Davis, another letter correspondent, added in a letter to Nature (January 7, 1999), that "any male ancestor in Thomas Jefferson's line, black or white, could have fathered Eston Hemings. Plantations were inbred communities," wrote Davis, "and mixing of racial types was probably common .. . it is possible that Thomas Jefferson's father, grandfather or paternal uncles fathered a male slave whose line later impregnated another slave, in this case, Sally Hemings. Sally herself was a light mulatto, known even at this time to be Thomas Jefferson's wife's half sister."

Willard Randall, author of Thomas Jefferson: A Life and member of the God and Country Foundation, a group that seeks to safeguard the reputations of the founding fathers, said that at the time in question there were "20 to 25 men within 25 miles of Monticello who were all Jeffersons and had the same Y chromosome. Of them, 23 were younger than 65 year old Jefferson."

Shortcomings Are Acknowledged:
Even the study's lead author, Foster, admits the evidence is not in any way conclusive about Thomas Jefferson's alleged relationship to Eston. After the controversy over his findings erupted, Foster said in a response letter to Nature (January 7, 1999): "It is true that men of Randolph Jefferson's family could have fathered Sally Hemings later children … . we know from the historical data and the DNA data that Thomas Jefferson can neither be definitely excluded nor solely implicated in the paternity of illegitimate children with his slave Sally Hemings."

As Abbey added, "a critical issue always facing science is confounding variables. It is the scientific standard to comment on such variables when presenting a study, and especially to note how such variables could impact results. It is surprising that the authors (in their original paper) did not even address other conclusions. Too, when the public is presented with authors disagreeing with the title of their own paper, and the press reports conflicting accounts as to the validity of the results, public confidence in the scientific process may be eroded and create unnecessary skepticism toward DNA research in general."

As reported in an article in the Washington Post (January 6, 1999), editors at Nature admitted that the headline was "unintentionally misleading" and confessed as well that more "alternative explanations" should have been included in their conclusions.

Foster was quick to point out the inconsistencies between the data, the conclusions, and the headline. In a follow-up letter in response to letters from Abbey and Davis, he reminded readers of their original objective: "When we embarked on this study, we knew the results could not be conclusive, but we hoped to obtain some objective data that would tilt the weight of evidence in one direction or another."

According to Jefferson historian and genealogist Barger, the evidence for Jefferson's paternity is not tilted in any direction by the data. In conclusion, the DNA XY chromosome testing shows only that Thomas Jefferson could have fathered Eston, but so could any of several of his male relatives. The science is inconclusive, putting the speculation about Jefferson and Hemings back into the category of salacious gossip.

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Dr. Mark Andrew Holowchak returns! (4/5/19)

We would like to welcome back to the program, a true Jeffersonian hero, Dr. Mark Andrew Holowchak—philosopher, historian, and editor of The Journal of Thomas Jefferson’s Life and Times—is a professor of philosophy/history. He is author/editor of 11 books—with several more to come—and 90 published essays on Thomas Jefferson. He is also author of many other books and numerous essays on psychotherapy, Greek/Roman philosophy, ethics, philosophy of education, philosophy of sport, and critical thinking, among other things. He passes his time in the study of Jefferson’s mind and currently teaches history and philosophy at Virginia University of Lynchburg. 

The preeminent Jeffersonian scholar of our time returns to TRP to discuss his upcoming book, [God’s] justice can not sleep forever”: Rethinking Jefferson’s Views on Race and Slavery, and the censorship he's facing as he dares to apply reason and objective thinking to the historiography of Thomas Jefferson!
  • Dealing with the "extreme Left" that controls the liberal academic university publishing orthodoxy in this country is almost like dealing with "the old Bolshevik regime" in that we may have to find Professor Holowchak's books on the samizdat black market! ...How dare he go against their orthodoxy! 
  • We demand that Annette Gordon Reed, "High Priestess of the Hemings cult," debate Professor Holowchak in open forum! ...Her and her ilk have appropriated millions of dollars of grant money to push and propagandize a myth!
  • We are supposed to have an open exchange of ideas based on fact! ...Bring back freedom of discussion and truth! ...The "extreme Left-wingers" that sadly now control Monticello will not allow any dissent to their narrative that the great founding father, Thomas Jefferson, was a "racist"... Professor Holowchak clearly and concisely crushes that sad and silly modern "politically correct" notion! 
  • Jefferson was simply "not capable of hatred" and the Professor systematically explains why! ...He examines Jefferson's mind and does so in the context of his time...
  • What would Jefferson say today and would he change his views?
  • Professor Holowchak disseminates who the scientific and philosophical influences were behind Jefferson's morality...
  • What exactly was Jefferson's "moral sense?"
  • If the "extreme Left" can tear down Confederate historical statutes... the day may come when they demand that Jefferson be removed from Mount Rushmore! ...They know that if they can control the past they can then control the present and if they control the present they control the future!
  • Modern Left-wing academia draws inspiration from the Frankfurt School!
  • Was Alexander Hamilton an "American Lion" or an "American Jackal???" ...Our Resident Jeffersonian, John From Conn, calls in and discusses the original "First Party Struggle" between Thomas Jefferson, creator of the "Right-wing" Republican party, and Alexander Hamilton, creator of the "Left-wing" Federalist party.
  • The cavernous divide between "Hamiltonian centralized Nationalism" and "Jeffersonian decentralized Federalism!"
  • We just fought a Revolutionary War to escape tyranny yet Alexander Hamilton still engrafted a corrupt British mercantile type economic system on the healthy body of our burgeoning Republic! ...How he wanted a system where the elites & the Plutocrats controlled the country!
  • How Jefferson believed in Free Enterprise & merit! ...He summed it up best when he said, "Agriculture, Manufacturers, Commerce & Navigation, the four pillars of our prosperity, are the most thriving when left most free to individual enterprise!" ..."Debt & Taxes are public evils of the first magnitude as they drain capital from the mass of the citizens, divert it from productive enterprise, and support a system of coercion, corruption, & privilege that was the bane of every government and is necessarily fatal to a free one!" ..."The dependent man of any kind cannot be trusted with the Liberty of others!"
  • How Jefferson preferred "turbulent Liberty" to "quiet servitude!"
  • Did Jefferson follow a "rigorous Stoic self-interest to the attainment of the Epicurean good life?"
  • How much did Jefferson's stay in France as Minister (1784-89) effect his thinking? ...Are periodic rebellions good for a Republic??
  • Did Jefferson believe that "what is practical must control pure theory?"
  • How the modern day "Federal Government aggrandizers" are intentionally covering up our true Jeffersonian roots!
  • The disgrace that was  "Assumption" and the Funding Act of 1790 and how Alexander Hamilton and his cronies used "insider information" to make 37 million dollars while robbing Revolutionary War veterans out of their scrip and war bonds for pennies on the dollar!
  • Hamilton unconstitutionally pushed through the First National Bank in opposition to Jefferson & Madison! ...All to benefit the high finance stock jobbers and market manipulators of his day!
  • How Hamilton "the Founding Father of Big Government" a "political opportunist" invented today's left-wing "Living Breathing document" and how it differed from what today's right-wing would call Jefferson's "originalist strict construction" ...Hamilton gave the blueprint to every Left-wing devil that was to come... He was the original pervertor of the Constitution of 1787 as he "read between the lines" and invented "implied powers!" ...He was also the original abuser of the "commerce," "general welfare," & the "necessary & proper" clauses! 
  • How the hard Right of Jefferson's day thought he became too "moderate" as President...
  • Jefferson's often forgotten "Draft Declaration & Protest of Virginia" (1825) beautifully summed up how the government was supposed to be!
  • Historian Douglass Adair properly believed Jefferson was in fact hiding something at Monticello... Not his... but his "father-in-law's progeny!"
  • Disgruntled Federalist propagandist James Callender invented the "Hemings myth" in the early 1800's... It was a scandal as huge then as today's Monica Lewinsky scandal... To think after being "found out" nationally that he would continue going back to that well for over a decade is laughable... 
  • The Jeffersonian "Principles of 1798" & the 10th Amendment may be our last best hope!
  • How the recent and Federally defiant "State marijuana laws" appear to be one example where the sovereign power of the individual States is fostering Liberty for it's citizens!
  • The Declaration of Independence was a document of secession!
  • To understand that our "2nd Constitution," the Constitution of 1787, may not have been necessary, read Merrill Jensen's, A New Nation: A History of the United States during the Confederation (1781-1789)!
PLEASE Contact President of the Thomas Jefferson Foundation:
(Leslie Bowman)

***Ask why there is not open discussion and debate on the issues at Monticello when the facts are not settled based on the evidence!

***Also please demand that Professor Holowchak's books be made available at Monticello!