Sunday, July 14, 2013

George the Atheist German Declaration of Independence Exclusive! (7/5/13)

One of the only two remaining Steiner & Cist Broadsides

George the Atheist, one of TRP's resident intellectuals, makes a historically ground breaking call to the show! For the last two years George and John from Conn have tried to answer a major historical mystery, that once solved, should put to bed once and for all the nagging issue of state sponsored multilingualism...The crux of the situation is: Did the 2nd Continental Congress pay the German printers Melchior Steiner and Carl Cist (as they famously did John Dunlap) to have the Declaration of Independence translated into German for Henrich Miller's popular Philadelphia Newspaper, the Pennsylvanischer Staatsbote? If they did, that sets the historical precedent firmly on the side of state sponsored multilingualism. But, if Steiner & Cist translated it on their own for Miller while conducting free enterprise (as George & John from Conn believe) then that clearly makes the case that all immigrant populations "should take care of their own" on such lingual matters without the aid of government funds!

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