Wednesday, September 3, 2014

John Hawkins Interview! (8/29/14)

John Hawkins runs the very popular conservative website and he also writes for He has run the site since 2001 and it currently gets upwards of 4 million visits a month! John is very passionate, well spoken, and quite opinionated as you might expect. He joins John & Frank to discuss many hot button topics and the audience gets quite a treat!
  • John points out how Obama's lack of action on ISIS makes him appear like, "a little kid outside playing war, and he really wants to be inside playing XBOX, but, his mom is making him do it!"
  • Frank very informatively brings up a speech by Pope Urban II, from 1000 years ago that talks about these Mohammedan savages committing beheading's. Nothing has changed in all that time!
  • Islamaphobia is simply an ersatz word!
  • Democrats of today and the Old Soviet Politburo are interchangeable!
  • Regular TRP Contributor, Jared Stevens of Missouri, very astutely points out that the majority of Americans fighting with ISIS are from Keith Ellison's district!
  • Why do all murderers and rapists favor the Democrat party??
  • Jackie Robinson, hero of the civil rights movement, was a staunch Republican!!
  • History teaches us, that all Left Wing dictators make war on their own people! Starting with the food supply, purging the military, destroying the medical system, and the economy.
  • Obama is "deforming" America!
  • Obama does not love "American tradition," every decision he makes is for attempted political benefit, never for what is best for the entire country!
  • John of SI and John Hawkins disagree over the strategy of how to handle the "black vote!"
  • Black's vote for the guy that says, "I will get you something for nothing." They seemingly do not believe in personal responsibility before they believe in race!
  • Democrats think they own everyone, except straight white males!
  • Congress is feeding our liberty to the new "Gang of Four!" Obama, Michelle, Holder, and Valerie Jarrett!

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