Sunday, December 25, 2016

Stanton Friedman Interview! (9/27/2007)

Enjoy this famous empirical confrontation with internationally known "Ufologist" Stanton Friedman, from back in 2007! This lively interview goes for almost an hour covering everything from Einstein and the space/time continuum to flying saucers and the "Cosmic Watergate!" ...Stanton is touted as "the original civilian investigator" of the Roswell incident... As the interview progresses Frank and John steadily and not surprisingly have all they can stand of his mounting anecdotes... In the end, Frank's "years of CIA training" expose Mr. Friedman as an "agent for the New World Order" and he succumbs to the "FRANK FURY" as many other closet liberals have before him!

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Saturday, December 10, 2016

★South African Hero and Military Legend!★ General Magnus Malan Interview (1/27/2007)

In this ground breaking piece of history, South African military legend, General Magnus Malan, joined TRP on January 27th, 2007, for his ONLY radio interview! General Malan (1930-2011) was not widely known to the general public outside of South Africa, but, he is considered one of the great military geniuses of the 20th century. His victory over the combined Cuban imperialist colonialist hegemonist outlaw lackeys and ideological running dogs of the Moscow war mongers in Angola is considered by many to be up there with Douglas MacArthur's landing at Inchon or for that matter Hannibal's victory at Cannae

For just as during the Anglo Boer wars in the 19th century, when the Boervolk stunned the world with their great victories over the British Empire... Here you had the SADF and General Malan up against the greatest modern empire, the Soviet Entity, and the illegal communist minority ruled Angolan government. His mission was to protect South African interests in Namibia including their vital water supply. They allied with UNITA (The National Union for Total Independence of Angola) and their founder "the George Washington of Africa" Dr. Jonas Savimbi ...against the Soviet, East German, and Cuban backed MPLA (Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola). Together the SADF and UNITA won every battle that they fought including their amazing victory while greatly outnumbered at the Battle of Cuito Cuanavale in 1987! These actions by the SADF were a large contributor to the eventual fall of the U.S.S.R. a few years later.

As Frank so aptly points out. This proved the often conveniently forgotten point that the Boers fought side by side with blacks to help them attempt to win their liberation. This was despite the onslaught of Soviet propaganda that was gobbled up by the crypto Bolsheviki in the United States that portrayed the Boers as evil white racists trying to keep blacks subjugated.

Sadly... they won all the wars against foreign Communists but eventually lost at the ballot box to the Communist ANC!

General Malan was author of, My Life with the SA Defence Force (2006). His Huguenot ancestors arrived in South Africa from Europe in 1688 as they fled persecution for their Christian Protestant faith. He is a 10th generation South African. The book covers the military challenges South Africa faced during the cold war including the aforementioned Communist established foothold in Angola. He served in the SADF for 31 years from 1950 to 1981. He rose to the rank of Chief of the South Africa Defense Force and after was the Minister of the Defense Force for 11 years.

In the end the great general expressed hope for his country and showed great appreciation to President Ronald Reagan for taking the lead in defeating international Communism. This historical gem of an interview dispels many of the common myths from that era and the truth from that time is finally given a voice never to be forgotten!

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Monday, August 15, 2016

ILANA MERCER Interview! (8/19/16)

ILANA Mercer is a paleo-libertarian writer and thinker based in the United States. She is the author of the highly acclaimed and popular book, The Trump Revolution: The Donald’s Creative Destruction Deconstructed (June 2016) the first libertarian book of Trump, and of the seminal book, Into The Cannibal’s Pot: Lessons for America From Post-Apartheid South Africa (2011). Ilana’s weekly column appears in The Unz Review,,, the British Libertarian Alliance, and Quarterly Review, where she is contributing editor. She also contributes to PRAAG (devoted to Afrikaner self-determination) and to David Horowitz’s celebrated FrontPage Magazine. For years, Ilana’s “Paleolibertarian Column” has been featured on Russia Today and in Junge Freiheit, a German weekly of excellence. For 15 years—until March, 2016—she penned WND’s “Return to Reason” column. Formerly syndicated by Creators Syndicate, Ilana is a fellow at the Jerusalem Institute for Market Studies (an award-winning, independent, non-profit, free-market economic policy think tank). Her online homes are  & Follow her on Twitter @ILANAMercer!

You are about to witness the meeting of 4 great intellects! Frank From Queens, John of SI, George the Atheist and ILANA Mercer take center stage for an interview you absolutely do not want to miss!

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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Bill Walker Interview! (8/12/16)

We would like to make our audience aware of an easily provable government conspiracy to violate the constitution. "We The People of the 50 Sovereign States" are clearly being denied our constitutional right to an Article 5 Convention to propose amendments, despite a whopping  750 plus Article 5 applications from the state legislatures of 49 of all 50 states. Only 34 (two thirds or approximately 67%) are required.

Article 5 is clear in statement and in meaning, contains no ambiguity and calls for no resort to rules of construction. A mere reading demonstrates that this is true. It provides two methods for proposing amendments. Congress may propose them by a vote of two-thirds of both houses, or, on the application of the legislatures of two-thirds of the States, Congress must call a convention to propose them.

So why has Congress ignored the Constitution???...

Bill Walker, Co-Founder of Friends of the Article 5 Convention, is here to tell us! He is a former journalist and newspaper publisher. He has graduated from Washington State University with a BA in journalism. He has brought two federal lawsuits, Walker v. United States (2000) and Walker v. Members of Congress (2004), the last taken in appeal to the Supreme Court of the United States. The two lawsuits dealt specifically with the obligation of Congress to call an Article V Convention. Walker v. United States was the first such lawsuit in American history!
His website is

He explains what an Article 5 convention is and dispels many common myths that have cropped up over the years. He also speaks about the original intent of the framers and addresses many misrepresentations and road blocks made by The John Birch Society and others over the years...

John From Conn calls in after to discuss the interview and talks about the last best options to stopping out of control centralization and the many headed hyrdra of monolithic government! Including Nullification & Secession..

We know you will find the following enthralling!!

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Saturday, August 6, 2016

Kathleen Hartnett White Interview! (8/5/16)

We would like to welcome, Kathleen Hartnett White, to the program! She is a member of the Texas Public Policy Foundation and Senior Fellow-in-Residence and Director of the Armstrong Center for Energy & the Environment. Kathleen was appointed by Governor Rick Perry and served a six-year term as Chairman and Commissioner of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality. She recently authored an article at the National Review called, The GOP platform is right...coal is clean! She is author of the book, Fueling Freedom: Exposing the Mad War on Energy!

Sit back and enjoy this lively and informative discussion that ONLY TRP can provide!

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Friday, April 29, 2016

Carl Lehrburger Returns for World Solutrean Day!! (4/22/16)

We would like to welcome back a very special guest, in honor of our sacred holiday, World Solutrean Day!!! You all remember Carl Lehrburger... a renewable energy entrepreneur, researcher, and author. He has studied archaeological and sacred sites in the Americas (or as Frank calls them, "the Solutrias!") for over 25 years with a focus on the ancient peoples who came to the Americas long before Columbus. His work reveals extensive evidence for pre-Columbian explorers in ancient America!

His website is 

He also has a technology company called Pure Vision which is working on Industrial Hemp. This is not marijuana, but the cannabis variety used for fiber, seed oil, and industrial products that doesn’t get you high. 28 states now permit industrial hemp cultivation..

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Saturday, April 9, 2016

TRP! (4/8/16)

  • John of SI points out, in another one of his outstanding openings, how Garry Kasparov put a recent beat down on socialism and all of Bernie Sanders' proposed polices!
  • Michael "Weiner" (Savage) mentions TRP on his program, proving he listens!
  • Ted Cruz knocks "NY values".... or does he??
  • Frank is steadfast in his support of "DJT" Donald J. Trump... John remains firmly behind traditional conservative Ted Cruz. Although, he will vote for Trump if he wins the nomination.
  • "Fat filthy bull dyke" as a liar and an idiot... again!
  • Hitlery, the left wing ideal of a genius, can't figure out how to swipe a simple metro card...Oh yeah...she's a real New Yor"k"er...Bernie still thinks the NY subway uses tokens...
  • Frank separates himself from "upper west side" NY Values!
  • John declares that the Republicans have to stop the attacks on each other and finally start attacking the "ole bitch!"
  • It finally occurs to Frank that the people who are supporting the "Foreign Occupier" are nothing more than historically typical "collaborators"...
  • Black Lives Matter goes after "the first black president".... B.J. Clinton! They shout him down at an event while he actually makes a sober point....
  • The F.O. attacks white Christians again instead of Muhammadans after the attacks in Belgium...
  • Frank discusses the plots of the movies Goldfinger (1964), On the Beach (1959), and The Handmaid's Tale (1990). He points out once again how the Leftwing scum in Hollywood & London just could not properly predict today's Radical Islamic terrorist threat...
  • John boldly predicts Trump will get massacred by Hitlery...Frank ardently disagrees!
  • Frank defends Free Enterprise!! Not corporations!!
  • The Left hates Trump because he's a rich successful white man!
  • Andrew Cuomo would be eating out of garbage cans if his father wasn't governor!
  • For his great work on Vero Beach Man, Uncle Warren is given his Solutrean name, "He who guards the bones of the ancestors!"
  • John From Conn calls in and dissects the corruption that is the modern banking system. He also discusses how tariffs are not consistent with "the spirit of 1776" and have never proven to be of long term benefit to an economy! He rails against Keynesianism and goes on to dismantle Bitcoin as a viable currency alternative, showing how and why the founding fathers chose gold and silver to back our currency! Stand behind the great Jeffersonian slogan..."LIBERTY for ALL! FAVORS to NONE!"

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Sunday, January 31, 2016

TRP! (1/29/16)

  • John's wonderful audio opening to start the show proves Donald Trump cannot be trusted!
  • Frank discusses the murder in cold blood of American Patriot LaVoy Finicum by the KGB!
  • The cult movie classic Red Dawn (1984), when the imperialist lackeys and running dogs from Nicaragua, Cuba, and the Soviet Union invade America. Frank brings up the memorable scene when the invaders started off by rounding up everyone in town that owned a gun!
  • Big Government Progressive Teddy Roosevelt's encroachment of sovereign State land through supposed "conservation." 
  • Trump the Big Loser in the GOP debate by no-showing…
  • Left Wing radical, Pope Francis, has an audience with low life Leonardo Dicaprio and Iranian scourge Hassan Rouhani….which is worse?
  • Economic sanctions are useless against Parthia!  
  • Bobby Kennedy versus Jimmy Hoffa…
  • TRP R.I.E and Hall of Famer Sam of Maryland calls in!!
  • A "Beringians on the Move!" UPDATE!
  • Blogger and caller extraordinaire, George the Atheist, wants George Washington put back up on his pedestal and his birthday properly recognized as a national holiday all on it's own! Join his Protest against the modern political correctness that's attempting to eliminate every founding father from our national memory!
  • George also talks about the Eichmann trial....and the not so commonly known letter of adulation by Karl Marx to Dishonest Abe Lincoln! George asks for John from Conn to call in and discuss the topic. Later in the show John obliges and attempts to list all of the "American dictator's" unconstitutional acts….John from Conn and John of SI get into another dust up over the topic…
  • Frank gives a stirring and heart felt explanation as to why secession is a necessary and fundamental human right!! 
  • The stark difference by the "Ministry of Lies" in their coverage of the Oregon heroes and the Occupy Wall Street scum!
  • Washington D.C. looks more and more like Moscow….John from Conn calls for Perestroika and Glasnost in Amerika today! "Restructuring and Openness" that led to "peaceful secession" and the break up of the Soviet Union….If only Lincoln was a true statesman like Mikhail Gorbachev!
  • The Great One! Bob from Florida takes on Dale from Northwest Iowa for only chirping on the IM and not calling in....Bob also gives his rationale for supporting Donald Trump and thinks, "ALL politicians should be businessmen"….He says, "Ted Cruz sounds like a typical smooth and oily politician!"….John finally lets Bob end with a joke without stepping on his punchline!
That and much much more!!! 1-718-761-9996

You are encouraged to read "Lincoln cultist" J.G. Randall's famous book (link below). He could not deny Lincoln's abuses even though in the end he weakly tried to rationalize them:
Constitutional Problems Under Lincoln, written by James G. Randall (1926)

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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Hello Africa! with Dan Malmqvist & Sanna Hill! (1/22/16)


We are proud welcome two very special guests all the way from Sweden! Representing the slim minority of sane voices in Europe! They became aware of TRP and contacted the show when doing research for their new book. They were amazed to find the only in-depth interview of the Legendary SA Freedom Fighter, General Magnus Malan, (before his death in 2011), was done by us here on Hello Africa about 8 years ago!!!

Dan Malmqvist, is an investigative journalist for the Swedish Newspaper New Times (Nya Tider). His colleague and co-author is Sanna Hill, vice editor at the same paper. They have backgrounds as political activists in the anti-immigration, nationalist, conservative movement. Just like us here in the United States, over in Sweden, they are usually dubbed “right-wing extremists or fringe” by their mainstream and extremely left-wing press! The New Times is basically Sweden’s only opposition newspaper...
Sanna has visited South Africa several times, talking with members of the oppressed White Boer minority and writing about their experiences in the New Times....

They are collaborating on a new book that will consist mostly of interviews with people who tell about their experiences in "ANC run" South Africa. Their primary focus will be on the violence that has befallen the white minority and South Africa’s recent and massive crime epidemic. They will also discuss how and why most Western governments came to support the violent communist revolutionaries, particularly Sweden being one of the worst culprits backing the ANC and their communist masters!!!

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Sunday, January 3, 2016

The Great Bob from "Florida" Returns! (1/1/16)

THE "ORIGINAL" GREAT ONE RETURNS!! Formerly known as Bob of "Pennsylvania" and now known as Bob from "Florida." He calls in live from his new palatial estate after a very rousing and proper "build-up" introduction by John From Conn! It's been over a year since we've been entertained by his talk radio bliss!!

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