Saturday, February 26, 2011

Donald Rumsfeld on TRP!

Former American Defense Secretary and Patriot, Donald Rumsfeld, speaks to John & Frank about his new book, "Known and Unknown." (a definitive memoir that includes all the behind the scenes facts about the Iraq War with all his proceeds going to the troops! Check out They go over the Democrat Parties' distortion of the Iraq War, Barack Obama's failures, and the true level of the Mohammedan threat! All that including the insight only John & Frank can provide in an exclusive interview that is totally unlike those done by mainstream media outlets.

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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

TRP! (11/26/10)

Frank and John assail the outlaw criminal regime of North Korea, and give the right perspective on the history of The Kim Crime Dynasty, dictator Little Piggy and his successor, Fat Drunk-and-Stupid. Frank predicts North Korea would fall quickly in a war against the South, but with Barack Obama in office, what needs to be done will not be done.

Plus: Frank alleges Obama's b-ball injury was the result of "on-the-down-low" activity....Asylum overturned for White Boer....Canada gives free college education to Chinese immigrants - but not Canadians.... Are Chinese villagers descended from Roman soldiers?....Palin Vs. The Bush's....Obama's blunders overlooked while Palin's are over-exaggerated....Angelina Jolie calls Thanksgiving a "story of murder".... Should Thanksgiving be called Squanto Day?...Fabian Socialism named after "the delayer" Quintus Fabius Maximus!....History of Communist and Socialist Internationals....Bella Abzug's "United Front"....WikiProject Socialism pushes Socialism around the world!....Elenor Roosevelt's "UN Declaration of Human Rights" is Obama's preferred Constitution....History of Popes pushing Socialism!.... your phone calls at 718.761.9996 and much more.

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