Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Frank's Solutrean History Lesson for the Kiddies!

Frank answers a very in depth question posed to John From Conn's 3rd Grade sons by their brainwashed teacher. He huddles the kiddies up by the camp fire and takes them on a wondrous journey, going back 10's of thousands of years to a better life and time. A tranquil and loving time when our Solutrean people lived in peace and harmony with one another. Frank tells the kids how the Solutrean people acted as one with their "cultivated land" and pushed not "primitive sleds," but "wheeled" carts. He then goes on to tell them the hard truth, and encourages them to go back and tell their teacher about the Soultrean people's first "very unfortunate" run in with the despicable Beringians. Frank pulls no punches and tells the kids what he feels they are old enough to hear, the startling truth about the massive genocide and the real "Trail of Tears."

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Friday, November 25, 2011

Brad Meltzer Interview!

Brad Meltzer, host of the very popular, Brad Meltzer's Decoded on the History Channel (Wednesdays at 10pm EST), joins John & Frank for a very special interview. Brad Meltzer's books have spent over eleven months on the bestseller lists, and have been translated into over 25 languages. The latest of which is the #1 New York Times best selling, The Inner Circle, it's his newest thriller, and is based on the idea that George Washington's personal spy ring still exists today. When a young archivist in the National Archives finds out the spy ring is still around, he doesn't know who they work for -- but the greatest secret of the Presidency is about to be revealed! Also, in his first non-fiction book, Heroes For My Son, Brad presents a collection of "personal heroes" that he’s been working on since the day his son was born, and it also on sale now!

In a very lively and engaging interview, the guys cover a number of histories mysteries including: the untimely death of General Patton; did John Wilkes Booth escape?; Hitler - the occult, and his interest in the Spear of Destiny; the possibility that Castro killed Kennedy; Lucifer & the Statue of Liberty; and many others.

At the end of the interview Frank makes Brad aware of the Solutrean Cover up and suggests that he "Decode it" on his show! He points out that the evidence shows how the Solutrean people of Europe were likely the actual "original" settlers of the New World and that the Beringian invaders from Asia may have stole "THEIR" land! Frank says the mainstream media has refused to publicize the highly respected research because it encroaches on the long held "victim status" of the Beringian's! Two examples of research that Frank brings up are the Spirit Cave Mummy and the Kennewick Man. Frank says that the refusal to even look at the evidence and the continuing suppression of the facts by academia is almost "Copernican!" John wants to know why the Beringians are called "native" since we all know that they migrated across the Bering Strait and that makes them no different than any other immigrant that came to this country.

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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Magnus Malan Tribute

We honor the Great General that most of the drones in the West have never heard of...

Jesse "The Body" Ventura Interview!

FAMOUS TRP Confrontation with Wrestler, Actor, Politician, & Conspiracy Nut Jesse "The Body" Ventura...(3 Parts...)

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Patrick J. Buchanan Interview!

"Patriot" J. Buchanan returns to The Right Perspective to discuss  his new spot-on political polemic Suicide of a Superpower: Will America Survive to 2025? In Pat's first book since Barack Obama took office he shows us the risks America faces today and exposes the threats to our nation’s very survival. He is alarmed that our leaders are rejecting our historic Jeffersonian commitment to a God-given "equality of rights" as insufficient, while our government is engaged in the manic pursuit of an "equality of results" to erect some neo-socialist egalitarian utopia. Freedom, what America was once all about, is being abandoned in a maniacal drive for equality. He outlines plans for a different future that the newly ascendant Republicans and Tea Partiers can use in Congress and at the State level. If some of these new leaders adhere to the clarion call Buchanan proclaims in SUICIDE OF A SUPERPOWER he believes there is hope yet for the American republic.

In yet another TRP classic interview, Pat joins a long list of mainstream political figures that gets a reality check from John of SI and Frank from Queens! The greatest callers in talk radio history guide Pat though a whirlwind back and forth discussion of stark political commentary. They use historical analogies and audio clips of Obama's own words to help Pat draw some conclusions that he might not have pondered before. Frank successfully promotes his idea of a Memorial Museum dedicated to the "Victim's of Class Warfare" and goes on to show, that unlike the victims of racial and religious holocausts, many 10's of millions more have been killed as a result of Class Warfare. Most people know of Mao, Stalin, Castro, Lenin, & Pol Pot. But, thanks to TRP, lesser known communist devils such as Antonio Gramsci & Lazar Kaganovich will have their busts on display at the new museum and the world will finally be educated about them.

John makes Pat face the mainstream political correctness that "even he" cannot seem to move past, including the blatant anti-white, anti-Jewish bigotry embodied in our President, "the Foreign Occupier."  John wants an apology made by the Left to Pat for their two decade long smear campaign against him and helps make a convincing case that liberals do "in fact" promote violence in the same vein as Marx, Lenin, and Engles. John also takes the "Mainstream Right" to task as a bunch of cowards for not taking on the Left properly and defeating them.

In the end Frank proclaims PJB a fellow "stu-dant of history" and the TRP audience gets the type of stirring interview that they simply WILL NOT GET anywhere else!

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Sunday, October 23, 2011

TRP! (10/21/11)

Frank and John celebrate the killing of Muammar Gaddafi. Frank explains why "Daffy" got what he deserved, and it's been a long time coming!

Frank says "The Bronx Blowhard" Michael Savage is wrong for wanting Daffy to have been brought to trial, and that Obama is behind the "Arab Spring" to install anti-Western governments to bring about the return of the Mahdi. Frank also coins a new term..."Crony Socialism" and explains how the eloi improperly use the term "Crony Capitalism."

Plus: The benefits of a "Decentralized Republic"....Thomas Jefferson was spot on about the Beringians in his 2nd Inaugural....The hypocritical dirt bags trying to "occupy" Wall Street....Obama's ending the Iraq War is a cowardly act....Corporations have the right to make money... Looks like it may be time to declare war on Canada....John reminds us who is really responsible for the economic crisis - Democrats and their political policies!....Plus your phone calls at 718.761.9996 and much more!

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Sunday, August 21, 2011

TRP! (8/19/2011)

Frank goes through the continued destruction of our once great Republic, from the Foreign Occupier's latest vacation; to his giving back-door amnesty to illegal invaders; the media is just a political soap opera; and, the passing of DADT is part of a long-term plan by the left to dismantle the armed forces. Frank also explains why he celebrates the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and says George W. Bush sold out the survivors of the Battan Death March by denying them the ability to sue Japan for reparations.

John shows how it's the unions, not the Tea Party, that are the real "terrorists," and wonders why the Obama regime is not considered a terrorist regime.

Plus: John of SI & John From Conn debate the popularly held beliefs about Abraham Lincoln, Patriot or Tyrant?....More Beringians on the move... all the liberal things that Nixon did... your phone calls at 718.761.9996 and much more!

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Saturday, July 30, 2011

iLana Mercer Interview!

iLana Mercer returns to The Right Perspective to talk about her new and very thought provoking book, Into the Cannibal's Pot: Lessons for America from Post-Apartheid South Africa. She rejoins John and Frank on HELLO AFRICA! to help them continue to expose the charade that is present day South Africa. Democracy without the protection of individual liberty and property has deteriorated into mobocracy. The misery and failures of the black communist ruling ANC continue to mount as the Liberal World Media again and again turn a blind eye.
Check out her website and read more about how she blew the politcally correct lid off the New South Africa!

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Thursday, June 2, 2011

TRP! (5/27/11)

Former Guardian Angel William "Swan" Diaz talks about what he believes "really" happened the night Curtis Sliwa was shot. Diaz is joined by Philadelphia crime victims advocate Greg Bucheroni, who talks about his experiences with Curtis, and former Guardian Angel Khalil "Wing Chung" Bonds, who has started his own group, TWS.

Plus: Obama enjoys a European vacation while the Mid West suffers from natural disasters....The Frank from Arizona and George the Atheist feud comes to a head....Chile Exhumes Allende....Cuba tries economic reform with Golf Courses....Nazi's were the first self-esteem movement!....Walter Rauschenbusch and Washington Gladden started the social gospel movement....Nature to be commanded must be obeyed....Thomas Aquinas understood the supremacy of each individual's conscience and the morality of profit....Don't be part of the "Cult of the Constitution!"...people who read and think for themselves from the original sources are called "revisionists"....Frank says "give me objectivity or give me death!!"....your phone calls at 718.761.9996

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Monday, May 9, 2011

TRP! (5/07/11)

Frank and John celebrate Obama's use of the Bush Doctrine to invade a sovereign Muslim country and carry out the proper retaliatory act of war by slaying Osama bin Laden.... Frank says he wants to see the death pic of Osama, and until he does, Osama is not dead. John notes the hypocrisy of the Left, in condemning Bush for fighting the war on terror and now praising Obama for acting unilaterally when killing bin Laden.

Frank points out all the inconsistencies in their story and that if it was Bush they'd have said he rushed to violence and acted like a gun toting, shoot-first ask-questions-later cowboy. That this was a gun-crazy act of "Frontier Justice!".... The Left are pacifists and are always against the death penalty but this one is O.K. because it's their leader in office!.... Frank also wants posters created out of the death photo and have them put up in mosques in America and Europe with the caption, "Watch it brother, this could be you!"

Plus: the rate of violent crime in Beringian Canada is 9 times higher than the rest of Canada.... Obama wants to tax your driving by the mile.... Rosie O'Donnell invades Canada....and on HELLO Africa! an inteview with retired SADF Col. Henry Pinkham, where he talks about the hate speech trial of ANCYL leader Julius Malema, a Boervolk Rally that was held in Middleburg earlier this week, and the rise in cases of Black-on-White police brutality in South Africa.... your phone calls at 718.761.9996 and much more.

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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Donald Rumsfeld on TRP!

Former American Defense Secretary and Patriot, Donald Rumsfeld, speaks to John & Frank about his new book, "Known and Unknown." (a definitive memoir that includes all the behind the scenes facts about the Iraq War with all his proceeds going to the troops! Check out They go over the Democrat Parties' distortion of the Iraq War, Barack Obama's failures, and the true level of the Mohammedan threat! All that including the insight only John & Frank can provide in an exclusive interview that is totally unlike those done by mainstream media outlets.

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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

TRP! (11/26/10)

Frank and John assail the outlaw criminal regime of North Korea, and give the right perspective on the history of The Kim Crime Dynasty, dictator Little Piggy and his successor, Fat Drunk-and-Stupid. Frank predicts North Korea would fall quickly in a war against the South, but with Barack Obama in office, what needs to be done will not be done.

Plus: Frank alleges Obama's b-ball injury was the result of "on-the-down-low" activity....Asylum overturned for White Boer....Canada gives free college education to Chinese immigrants - but not Canadians.... Are Chinese villagers descended from Roman soldiers?....Palin Vs. The Bush's....Obama's blunders overlooked while Palin's are over-exaggerated....Angelina Jolie calls Thanksgiving a "story of murder".... Should Thanksgiving be called Squanto Day?...Fabian Socialism named after "the delayer" Quintus Fabius Maximus!....History of Communist and Socialist Internationals....Bella Abzug's "United Front"....WikiProject Socialism pushes Socialism around the world!....Elenor Roosevelt's "UN Declaration of Human Rights" is Obama's preferred Constitution....History of Popes pushing Socialism!.... your phone calls at 718.761.9996 and much more.

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