Sunday, January 20, 2013

TRP! (1/18/13)

Franks continues to show how the Left is laying the groundwork for totalitarianism. The assault on the 2nd Amendment continues and the Left's feeding frenzy is in full force. Dark Blue New York rushed to be the first to enact draconian measures to limit the ability of all its "honest" citizens to protect themselves with fire arms. The United States is ruled by the "Foreign Occupier," a "lame duck" president that continually proves he is a monster. He has sunk to a dastardly new low by using children as props in his sick political rouse to slowly chip away at our "fundamental" rights. Frank rightly says that the Foreign Occupier hates the country and his actions are nothing more than "political pedophilia!" All throughout history the most vile dictators have used children as pawns while cloaking themselves in benevolence and public safety. The main weapon in his arsenal has been to whip up the "Eloi Class" with emotion, (the "Lotus-Eater" type drones that can't grasp the all encompassing evil he represents.) His criminal cohorts in DC and the ministry of lies media are the means to his socialist ends.

John shows the Foreign Occupier to be the hypocrite he is by using firearms to protect "his own children." He plays many great audio sound bites, including Texas State representative, Steve Toth, and Linn county Oregon Sheriff, Tim Mueller's heroic defenses of the 2nd amendment...John continues to distrust that "Hindenberg" Chris Christie and vows never to vote for him!

The great Cheryl of NJ has been voted, "Queen of Talk Radio!"....Is it possible the Left is behind all these mass shootings?....Frank properly defines "economic and social justice"....The history of our "Decentralized Republic" is explained and the principle of "State Sovereignty" seems to be our last hope....The Jeffersonian/Madisonian "strict construction" of the Constitution versus the Hamiltonian "living breathing document"....Our rich culture, that has been built by many generations of the "Captains of Industry" is under assault as the Left looks to return us to the Beringian stone ages....The theory of "IDL", incrementally diminishing liberty....Always remember, "we cannot co-exist, cooperate, or compromise with the Left!"....Your phone calls and much much more at 718.761.9996!

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