Friday, April 29, 2016

Carl Lehrburger Returns for World Solutrean Day!! (4/22/16)

We would like to welcome back a very special guest, in honor of our sacred holiday, World Solutrean Day!!! You all remember Carl Lehrburger... a renewable energy entrepreneur, researcher, and author. He has studied archaeological and sacred sites in the Americas (or as Frank calls them, "the Solutrias!") for over 25 years with a focus on the ancient peoples who came to the Americas long before Columbus. His work reveals extensive evidence for pre-Columbian explorers in ancient America!

His website is 

He also has a technology company called Pure Vision which is working on Industrial Hemp. This is not marijuana, but the cannabis variety used for fiber, seed oil, and industrial products that doesn’t get you high. 28 states now permit industrial hemp cultivation..

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Saturday, April 9, 2016

TRP! (4/8/16)

  • John of SI points out, in another one of his outstanding openings, how Garry Kasparov put a recent beat down on socialism and all of Bernie Sanders' proposed polices!
  • Michael "Weiner" (Savage) mentions TRP on his program, proving he listens!
  • Ted Cruz knocks "NY values".... or does he??
  • Frank is steadfast in his support of "DJT" Donald J. Trump... John remains firmly behind traditional conservative Ted Cruz. Although, he will vote for Trump if he wins the nomination.
  • "Fat filthy bull dyke" as a liar and an idiot... again!
  • Hitlery, the left wing ideal of a genius, can't figure out how to swipe a simple metro card...Oh yeah...she's a real New Yor"k"er...Bernie still thinks the NY subway uses tokens...
  • Frank separates himself from "upper west side" NY Values!
  • John declares that the Republicans have to stop the attacks on each other and finally start attacking the "ole bitch!"
  • It finally occurs to Frank that the people who are supporting the "Foreign Occupier" are nothing more than historically typical "collaborators"...
  • Black Lives Matter goes after "the first black president".... B.J. Clinton! They shout him down at an event while he actually makes a sober point....
  • The F.O. attacks white Christians again instead of Muhammadans after the attacks in Belgium...
  • Frank discusses the plots of the movies Goldfinger (1964), On the Beach (1959), and The Handmaid's Tale (1990). He points out once again how the Leftwing scum in Hollywood & London just could not properly predict today's Radical Islamic terrorist threat...
  • John boldly predicts Trump will get massacred by Hitlery...Frank ardently disagrees!
  • Frank defends Free Enterprise!! Not corporations!!
  • The Left hates Trump because he's a rich successful white man!
  • Andrew Cuomo would be eating out of garbage cans if his father wasn't governor!
  • For his great work on Vero Beach Man, Uncle Warren is given his Solutrean name, "He who guards the bones of the ancestors!"
  • John From Conn calls in and dissects the corruption that is the modern banking system. He also discusses how tariffs are not consistent with "the spirit of 1776" and have never proven to be of long term benefit to an economy! He rails against Keynesianism and goes on to dismantle Bitcoin as a viable currency alternative, showing how and why the founding fathers chose gold and silver to back our currency! Stand behind the great Jeffersonian slogan..."LIBERTY for ALL! FAVORS to NONE!"

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