Saturday, May 4, 2013

Dr. Jeffrey Meldrum Interview! (5/3/13)

TRP welcomes Dr. Jeffrey Meldrum, a professor of anthropology from Idaho State University, and famous "Bigfoot enthusiast," to the program. He has recently authored, Sasquatch Field Guide (Folding Pocket Guide), a hefty brochure-style guide that is densely-packed with valuable information that will aid field researchers, bigfooters, and Sasquatch buff's alike in their quest of finding and finally bringing back irrefutable proof of the elusive creature's existence.

Dr. Meldrum has written and published a number of academic papers including vertebrate evolutionary morphology, the emergence of bipedal locomotion in modern humans and Sasquatch and is a co-editor of a series of books on paleontology. Meldrum also co-edited From Biped to Strider: The Emergence of Modern Human Walking with Charles E. Hilton.

He has followed the Bigfoot lore ever since he was a young man and clarifies that his curiosity about Bigfoot came about when he was 11 and watched Roger Patterson’s now famed film clip of an alleged Bigfoot trekking in to the woods.

Frank attempts to conduct the interview by starting him off with some well thought out, empirically based, common sense anthropological questions, but, the interview spirals out of control when it's pointed out that almost all of the "non-footprint" Bigfoot evidence is simply "anecdotal." Frank asks the Dr. for "proof and not mystery" and he quickly became offended. Just like UFOlogist's, Bill Birnes and Stanton Friedman, Dr. Meldrum tried to rest his case on the dictum that "no evidence, does not mean there isn't evidence."

He was obviously expecting a fawning type "coast to coast" sycophant interview without any challenges, but, instead what he got was a solid dose of "The Right Perspective." Unlike the dozens of PhD's we have had on, Dr. Meldrum tried to take the position that John & Frank were "uninformed" and that they repeatedly made "ignorant argumentative assertions" or what he also called "pot shots." Frank asks him to explain why there is not one shred of evidence in the archaeological record of Bigfoot or of any other primates in our hemisphere? John asks, with all our modern technology, why are there "no clear pictures" as of yet to be offered up?...let alone skeletal remains turning up from these thousands of sightings? Instead of answering these simple questions, the Dr. decided to abruptly drop off the line before the interview was finished.

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