Saturday, April 1, 2023

No vision...


  Well, it finally happened. They finally have an indictment against President Trump. The indictment is sealed but there is already speculation from both parties that this is political weaponization from the DA’s office. Many prominent law professors have expressed the lack of substance to the indictments and Alan Dershowitz went on to say, “any first-year student could win this case if the name wasn’t Donald Trump and if it wasn’t in Manhattan. The case has to get out of Manhattan.” That appears to be the problem. The left has spread so many lies about President Trump he is already guilty based on his name alone. The left lacks any vision when they think of these schemes that weaponize a political office against its citizens. You can see this from the reaction of the indictments from the left, popping champagne corks and fitting President Trump with his orange jumpsuit. I don’t see this going to trial and there are two very good reasons why. 

 1. Most Americans see this for what it is, a political circus. If America wasn’t the brunt of countless jokes based on Biden’s inept performance since he took office, wait until you see what happens when the indictments are available after arraignment. Attempting to tarnish a previous president with bogus charges ahead of an election is a typical day at the office for the left. 30 charges on the indictment, I wonder how many of those are going to stick? This has the potential to backfire in a colossal way. President Trump has been out of office for 2 plus years and the media hasn’t stopped talking about him. This indictment won’t sway President Trump’s base, they will be loyal. The left will not pivot and will be just as rabid as ever, just the mere mention of President Trump’s name can send the left into a frenzy. (I can see their red faces now, all contorted under their beret’s, gently contrasted by their green Che Guevera shirts. I will say this about the left, they do color coordinate.) This attempt will show independent voters just how far the left will go to eliminate a political opponent. Bold prediction: when the charges against President Trump are dropped how many riots and marches will there be by the left? I say three. They are already getting their “no justice no peace” signs ready. 

 2. Before this goes to trial someone from the Clinton Foundation will sit down with Alvin Bragg and tell him not to open this door. If they move to trial on President Trump, when can we expect a trial on the Clinton’s. Wasn’t Bill Clinton under scrutiny for paying off Juanita Broaddick, Paula Jones, and Kathleen Willey, (there are more) while he was the governor of Arkansas, or was it Hillary who paid them off? I would argue that it was Hillary. She has always been more politically ambitious than Bill. She has the ambition, but she lacks the personality, empathy, and rationality of a leader. (Side note: has anyone noticed the similarities between Hillary and Kamala? They both slept with disgusting people to further their career, they both were attorneys that could construct a word salad that made people wonder they were talking about, and they both have a cackle that can chill a vampire’s blood. A piece for another day perhaps.) If Bragg opens this door, there is nothing stopping another ambitious DA from bringing charges against Bill and Hillary. Where is the Epstein flight list anyway? Oops. When an investigation is opened against the Clintons, I wonder how deep the investigation will go? They all can’t commit suicide by multiple gunshot wounds, I wonder how many times Bill went to Epstein’s Island during Hillary’s campaign in 2016? I wonder how many other women were paid off by the Clintons, was Monica Lewinsky the only woman Bill took advantage of as president? My guess, no. Monica is the only one we found out about, the others received a generous donation from the Clinton Foundation to finish high school and go to the university of their choosing. 

  On one hand, I was furious at the indictments against President Trump, but on the other I can see the possibilities against other politicians that took advantage of their office. This is common for the left; they don’t plan and have no forethought. Let’s cancel the Keystone Pipeline, it won’t do anything to energy prices. Let’s raise the debt ceiling again, it can’t negatively impact inflation. Time and time again they push for something without thinking of the outcome and more importantly the consequences. The left lives in the moment with no regard for the future, and that’s why everyone else is beholden to their bad policies and actions, because they don’t have to follow them and they have no vision. 

Stay strong my friends.
Aaron from GA