Monday, April 24, 2023

Everyone Needs a Scapegoat...

    As many of you have already read, Tucker Carlson is no longer employed at Fox News. This coming a week after the settlement with Dominion Voting Systems and Fox. There have been reports that Tucker had privately criticized President Trump in email and text messages yet devoted an entire program interviewing President Trump. Carlson was also responsible for airing the unedited footage from January 6th to show how nonviolent the protest was until some “allegedly” planted government agents assisted in taking the protest to the next level. Have they found those unnamed citizens yet? Bizarre right. They can find people in costumes and face paint, but they can’t determine who that guy is in the hat? We aren’t sure about the identity of another person, he isn’t holding his FBI credentials in front of him and he’s wearing a different shirt, can’t ID him, sorry. 

    Now Fox is going to continue to slide ever slightly to the left and parade a bevy of uninteresting substitutes that aren’t controversial and also won’t report the unvarnished truth. Tune in at 8 to a program that will start by saying, “Our government is great! You can trust them!” Fox needs to send someone to the desk that has the fortitude to say, “Our country is great, but can you trust the government?” Uh, no. I didn’t agree with Tucker on everything, but I don’t live in an echo chamber, and I’m not propped up by groupthink. I hope there are people that disagree with what I write because that means you’re thinking; you’re wrong, but think a little longer and you’ll come around (just kidding by the way). Right now, there is a man in the White House, that if you put on the teleprompter to read “I identify as a mango” he would not only read it but believe it. Then in his “folksy” wisdom, spin a yarn about his dear old dad calling him mango growing up and that he passed that nickname to his crack addicted son. About that time, his handlers lead him away from the podium while he defiantly goes in the opposite direction, only to realize that he got lost on a stage while he’s looking for ice cream. The closer that family gets to indictments, and the closer “Mango” gets to senility, the family will turn on him and drop all of the blame on him.

    I would have loved to see Tucker break the story of the Biden family being indicted for influence peddling to our enemies. Alas, Tucker will have to do that freelance, and Tucker, if you happen to read this, I beg you, please, don’t go to CNN. Don Lemon, he’s always trying to “one up” a story, has also said that he’s been fired from CNN. I know they have a spot open, but please, have some self-respect and don’t make a bad situation worse. I can honestly say that I would rather be unemployed than work for CNN, I would probably have more viewers if I were unemployed, but that’s another story. Bud Light, CNN, Fox News, the Biden family will all eventually take a page out of the Clinton book of politics and eliminate the loose ends. They may not take it to the extreme as the Clintons, but everyone needs a scapegoat. 

 Stay Strong My Friends. 

Aaron from GA