Saturday, February 10, 2024

Do You Smell Something Burning?

    First, let me take a moment to apologize for my brief hiatus, the holidays were more “holiday” than usual, and this seems to be the recovery time I needed, yikes. So much is happening in the world, it’s difficult to land on one topic to discuss. The corrupt DA in Atlanta, trying to prove that DJT is corrupt (without proof), climate change czars reluctant to give actual data to Congress, the woke left battling it out for who is the “wokest”, war in Ukraine, war in Israel, and governments removing as much free speech that they can. All good topics, but I believe in beginning with low hanging fruit, which one could argue that all of those topics are, but I’d like to discuss Biden’s last public appearance/press conference/train wreck.

    Now this would typically equate to kicking a man while he’s down, but since his handlers keep propping him up, he’s fair game. When he talked about his exhaustive five-hour interview over the course of 2 days, wait, what? How many breaks did he get to confer with someone to give him the right answers? “Hold on Jack! I’ve got to take a potty break!” “No more questions buster! I won’t answer another question until I get my ice cream! You said chocolate chip! I’m serious!” I will say that Biden can still read from a teleprompter. That’s about all. The special counsel didn’t decide to move forward because he is a “well meaning, elderly man, with a poor memory.” When the reporter asked, “how bad is your memory?” Biden’s retort is, “my memory is so bad I let you speak.” This is the leader of the free world?! Biden takes no responsibility for having documents in his garage or an empty office, of all things he blamed his staff?! What? Who? Which members of your staff committed this crime?

    Biden said, “I am the most qualified person in this country to be president of the United States and finish the job I started.” Biden isn’t qualified to work a fryer at the Piggly Wiggly, how can he say with a straight face that he’s the most qualified? I picture Jill cutting his food up for him and him tipping his plate over and pouting that he didn’t want broccoli. Is he the most qualified because he talked the president of Mexico into opening up the gate and letting in aid for the people of Gaza!? He talked to "Bibi and Cece," next he’ll need to talk to Deedee, but before he goes any further, he’ll need to talk to A-A-ron, (I think I would be a better adviser than whoever he’s talking to now.) He is responsible for our porous southern border, record high inflation, and the political persecution of his political rival, what did I leave out? The disastrous evacuation of Afghanistan? China buying up land near military installations? I know what you’re thinking, “you can’t blame Biden for everything.” You’re right, but failed policy after failed policy only continues to prove what we already know, that he isn’t only a failed leader, but his leadership has led to the near collapse of western society and has become a deteriorating benchmark around the globe. You can’t set the bar much lower than Joe Biden, and that is a most unfortunate fact.

    Countries no longer look to the United States to determine the best course of action. If there is a moment of moderate success, it’s purely accidental because no one can find a policy that was the catalyst for success in the first place. When other world leaders laugh at the United States because we’ve taught our youth that we aren’t the best country in the world and we should be ashamed to be here, there is something seriously wrong. The fact that Biden is clueless of how the Untied States is perceived by other world leaders has moved past laughable, past sad, and into disturbing. The Untied States needs a leader, not a dictator, not a simp, not a dullard, not a fool, and especially not a geriatric that can’t think for himself or make basic of decisions. I expect to see Biden approach the podium for his next press conference adorned with a toga and olive leaves around his head, playing the fiddle as the United States burns down around him. He’ll continue to play as he brags about the time he beat the devil in a fiddle playing match. Biden will continue to play as he makes poor decision after poor decision, while his handlers make more deals with other countries to make them rich. He will continue to play as the people in our nation suffer, and he comments “do you smell something burning?” Don’t worry Joe, it’s only the hopes and dreams of the American people, throw some more of the standards we used to appreciate on the fire, your approval rating hasn’t hit the bottom yet (and I stress yet.)

Stay Strong My Friends.

Aaron from GA