Monday, December 4, 2023

Change Your Perspective...

    Perspective is amazing. Based on one’s perspective or worldview, this will determine how information is viewed, accepted, rejected, or ignored. There are a number of people in the U.S. right now that are struggling, even suffering. How do we know that we are struggling as a nation currently? Maybe things are going great and we as citizens are being hyper-critical, maybe Biden is a great president. How do we know he’s not? More on that in a moment.

    Have you ever seen a satellite photo of the Korean peninsula at night? If you haven’t, it’s truly amazing. South Korea glows, a nation bathed in light and potential. There, on the northern half of the peninsula, North Korea is in total darkness. Of course, they have electricity (kind of) and technology, but regardless of what minor comforts they have, the overwhelming sentiment is soul crushing hopelessness. What is there to hope for death? Every day is exactly like the last one, a darkness that encroaches on the spirit of its people.

    “Why don’t they have hope Aaron, it sounds ridiculous, everyone has hope, no matter how small.” Sure, but again, in my humble opinion, it’s a matter of perspective. In a nation that’s starving, they will eat bugs for protein and risk prison time to steal an extra cup of rice. There are no government benefits for the citizens because the government isn’t there to improve the lives of the citizens. The citizens are there to serve the government, period. Family members will sell their children into slavery to other countries because they know that a life of subjugation to a Chinese farmer is a much more rewarding existence than staying in North Korea. There is nothing positive remaining in North Korea, and the only potential in North Korea defects to actually achieve their potential. So, in North Korea, the measurement for positivity, care, success, and hope are gauged by your best negative experience. They have lived in such abject poverty and abuse that when people defect, they have no concept of how other countries live. North Korea controls communication and news so the citizens are closed off from the rest of the world. Which brings me back to our situation.

    In 2017, the uninformed (or purposefully misinformed) American public wanted President Trump to fail because they didn’t like him. I don’t like Biden, not even a little, I pity him to be honest. I believe that he epitomizes everything that’s wrong with American politics. A lifetime in “service” to this nation with nothing to show for it. I pray he succeeds because I live here. If he fails, we all suffer.

    Joe Biden may have been the biggest eye opener for American voters before the 2024 election. It really doesn’t matter what they think of President Trump, they can measure tangible results. How much did I spend at the grocery store 4 years ago compared to this year? Gas? Mortgage? Rent? Taxes? The truth is, that no matter how bad things get, Americans are still blessed. We have an abundance of opportunities here, and all we need to do is recognize it. Our current predicament now leads voters to realize what good (if any) remains, but more importantly how much better life was under different leadership.

    Voters recognize where we should be and also recognize the disappointing reality of where we actually are. I’ve written about poor leadership in the past, but how do we recognize that we’re in a cycle of poor leadership? Because we’ve had good leadership before. The reality that we find ourselves in as U.S. citizens is a harsh “kick in the head” that helps us realign our goals and perspective to a standard where we know we should be. Occasionally, we need to experience poverty, difficulty, or yes, even suffering to truly understand what plenty, duty, contentment, and success really is. The main reason why we can pursue these endeavors to benefit our lives is hope. We have seen what American citizens can accomplish when they understand the responsibility that is required when gifted both opportunity and potential. It brings a return to that elevated standard in which we should continually measure ourselves. Turning away from that standard to make everyone “feel good” is the worst tragedy that I can imagine. We should maintain a laser focus on the highest standards until we can surpass even that. People don’t risk their lives to come here searching for the best spot to be homeless and penniless, but instead they come here to be better, do better, and share the best of themselves in the process. Unfortunately, illegal immigration doesn’t bring the best and brightest that other people can offer from around the world, but an opportunity of convenience, but that’s a different topic for a different day.

    Our hope’s foundation should remain grounded in faith in God, faith in our family, and faith in our country. When I write country, I do not mean our physical borders, but I am referring to the citizens that are all around us. I haven’t lost hope that our government can return to a standard that we once had, and I don’t have much faith in the leadership of our nation without a significant change taking place. My lack of faith in our current leadership doesn’t leave me void of hope, it’s just that there is insufficient evidence to restore my faith otherwise. My faith in our nation isn’t a blind faith either, but faith in what the ideal should be because there is evidence that we’ve been there. Our founding fathers based it on Jefferson’s ideal, which is why we are still a nation today. I have heard the statement that “comparison is the thief of joy,” and I agree, when you are comparing yourself to someone else. When we compare ourselves to where we were, where we are, and where we should be, this is a valuable comparison indeed.

    All in all, I should be thankful for the overall ineptitude of the Biden regime. Without them, the American public would forget how good we truly had it under President Trump. Significantly, as we turn into a new year, we remember the hopeful potential of what our government could be, as we desperately cling to the opportunity we have in next year’s presidential election.

Stay Hopeful My Friends

Aaron from GA