Saturday, October 14, 2023

Where do we go?


    I don’t typically like doubling up on a topic, but it is an awfully big topic, and it does affect us here in the states. The conflict between Israel and Hamas does result in a humanitarian crisis in Gaza. I want to touch on a few things that the average American may not realize and hopefully by the end, provide a little clarity to a confusing situation.

    First, Israel has not been in Gaza since 2005. Israel has walls to protect its own people, but the people of Gaza have a problem called Hamas. Hamas controls the elections at gunpoint, so, surprise, someone from Hamas always wins. Hamas is a terrorist organization, and the word Hamas in Hebrew means violence and can be traced back to Genesis in the Old Testament. No, I am not going to turn this into a piece on biblical history but would like to point out the appropriateness of their name and its origin. Hamas has crippled its own people in many ways. Any money that goes into the area is not spent on programs to improve the area, but on weapons and tunnels that do not help their people. When Israel pulled out of Gaza, they attempted to give Egypt control of the land and Egypt didn’t want it. That should tell you a lot about the region. Even now you hear news organizations condemn Israel for bombing the one road out of Gaza to the south, but in my opinion, Israel did this as a favor to Egypt. Egypt made it very clear to the international community that they would accept ZERO refugees from Gaza. Zero. They want nothing to do with them. Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and other nations have also made it clear.

    Where do Muslim refugees go when they are displaced from their country or land? Historically, the answer has overwhelmingly been Christian nations of the west. Why is that? Is it because the Christian nations are responsible for displacing them in the first place? Maybe, but I believe they go to Christian nations because they are free and tolerant. Then when they establish themselves in a Christian nation, they begin to spread their own intolerance. Some of the other Muslim nations they would be fleeing to are more repressive and restrictive than from where they originally fled. Which brings me to an underlying issue of this attack.

    Why would Hamas go into Israel and commit these awful atrocities, with full knowledge that Israel would respond with the full might of its military towards the people responsible? I believe that Hamas was backed by Iran financially and with weaponry to carry out this attack. Like the cowards that they are, when confronted about their involvement, they denied any involvement and let Hamas bear the brunt of the attack. Iran is complicit, but why did they fund the attack? Money. Free trade between Israel and India was beginning and the trade routes were through the nations in the Middle East that Israel had peace agreements with. All of these nations stood to profit as well as acquire additional goods and services. How did Iran accomplish this? It began long before Biden gave this terrorist nation $6 billion, and I would argue that they began funneling money to terrorist organizations around Israel when Biden lifted the oil embargo to Iran, and they began selling millions of barrels of oil to China. With that amount of profit, they could fund and arm any terrorist group they want, anywhere they want. Which brings me to my final point.

    Israel needs to be defended, but we must also not overlook our own situation. Time for this administration to put on its big boy pants, forget about ice cream for a few minutes and fix some issues before we have an issue play out here much like what happened in Israel. We have made no secret of our unwavering support for Isarel, which also makes us a target. There have been several protests here in the United States and across the world that have shown their support for terror and Hamas. My question then becomes, with our porous Southern border, how long before Hamas extremists infiltrate these organizations and radicalize large numbers within the United States. Make no mistake, these extremists aren’t interested in having an area to themselves where they can worship freely, but have one goal, to eradicate our entire way of life. With thousands of people crossing our border daily, it is only a matter of time before something like this happens in our own backyard. It is time to wake up and start fixing some glaring issues. I for one do not want to wait until we react to a slaughter of innocents at home, it saddens me to say, but can we for once learn from someone else’s mistakes.

Stay strong my friends. 

Aaron from GA