Friday, July 21, 2023

High Time: What Would You Do? (Can you blame him)


    I wanted to take a moment to comment on the investigation into the cocaine found at the White House. I know that there are plenty of rumors and enough speculation to point more than one finger at Hunter Biden. Sure, he has no discernable talent other snorting coke from a hooker’s crack before he makes another fingerpainting to sell for a quarter million. I guess his other talent is abandoning his daughter when he can’t remember the interaction. Everyone should take a deep breath and try to put themselves in Hunter’s shoes. How would you feel if you had no redeemable qualities and the only thing that you had going for you was, “I’m telling my dad!”

    This is what happens to kids when they are raised without standards, without rules, and most importantly without consequences. Broker deals with foreign groups for no other reason than who your dad is. Hunter Biden is our real-life “Billy Madison”. Riding the coat tails of his dad’s (and I use this next term loosely) “hard work” only to become wealthy from nothing. What else could Hunter do? Every decision Joe Biden made led Hunter to drugs and alcohol. Every time Hunter got into trouble and daddy got him out, Hunter didn’t learn a lesson. He pushed it further. No wonder he didn’t expect to do any jail time for illegally purchasing a firearm, illegally disposing of a firearm, tax evasion, and drug possession. You can’t do jail time for being a moron or making bad finger paintings, but what is the punishment for bringing coke into the White House? Apparently, none.

    I can’t believe that they can trace the original source of Covid-19 through contact tracing and testing but can’t figure out who dropped cocaine in one of the most secure buildings on the planet with cameras everywhere! How stupid do they think we are? Don’t answer, don’t answer. It could be Joe’s, that would explain some of his behavior and why he mumbles so fast sometimes that he forgets who and where he is. We may have been looking at this all wrong. Maybe Joe doesn’t limit his intake to cocaine but marijuana too. That would explain his behavior after the Nashville school shooting. During a somber press conference, he focused on chocolate chip ice cream for five minutes before the press conference could begin. “I’ve got cartons of this stuff upstairs, I’m not kidding Jack, have you got something else for me? I’m willing to pay, do you hear the ice cream truck, I got that song stuck in my head…” He goes on for a few more minutes but this isn’t about ice cream, it’s about consequences.

    The Bidens prove that if you have a smidgen of political clout in the United States foreign powers will pay for your influence. Hunter knew that his father was diminishing in his judgement, or the scheme wouldn’t have worked as well as it did. Hunter self-medicates because he has zero political influence and has to cash in while his dad is in office. He understands that he has a shrinking window of opportunity to take advantage of or else he’s back to paying for trans-women in Taiwan. At least he can’t get them pregnant for him to abandon another child. Honestly, what would you do if nothing you did mattered, and your meal ticket is diminishing mentally and politically…can you blame him? The short answer, yes, yes I can. I don’t want to climb up on my high horse because Hunter would not understand that “high” is a basic description of measurement and not the result of a 15-minute tour in the East wing of the White House. This is where we can conclude that we lost the drug war when it makes it into the residence of the highest office of the free world.

Stay High My Friends, I mean Strong, 

Stay Strong My Friends

Aaron from GA