Monday, June 12, 2023

What are They so Afraid of?


    It seems every time that I turn around President Trump is embroiled in another scandal. He is either the most “Teflon” president ever elected, or the political establishment is running out of straws to grasp. Let’s see if we can break this down and make some sense of it. President Trump is the first president ever to be wire tapped and spied on. First president to ever be impeached twice and acquitted twice. First president to ever be banned and censored on social media. First president to ever have his home raided by the FBI. First president to have an entire media establishment smear and malign him. President Trump isn’t the first president to have a fake dossier produced by his opposition to destroy his credibility. He is the first president to have a dossier proven to be fabricated by the intelligence community, only to be used by the federal government to waste MILLIONS in taxpayer funds to produce no evidence and ultimately prove his innocence. He is the only president to be indicted on unprovable charges of sexual assault that have long passed the statute of limitations, but let’s get into what he is guilty of.

    He is the first president to set up an unsecured server in his house with top secret information on it that could be hacked by any 3rd grader with a laptop. Only to take a hammer to all of his equipment. Oh, wait that was Hillary Clinton… was she ever charged for that? Oops. I’m sure it’s just an oversight. He is also the only president to bug and surveil the White House press corps. Oh, that was Barack Obama, but didn’t Trump do that? Well, President Trump threatened the prosecutor in the Ukraine to stop investigating his son or else he would withhold aid and is involved in numerous allegations of “pay to play” with other foreign nationals to sell his political influence in the market. Oh, that was Joe Biden. Maybe it’s because of all of the allegations that Trump went to Epstein Island and was caught having sex with interns and anything that had at least one leg, (there was a one-legged prostitute in Little Rock) and identified as a woman. Oh, that was former President Bill Clinton. Well Trump was involved with illegal gun sales to third party buyers that would then use them to commit crimes, known as “fast and furious”. That was Barack Obama and Eric Holder? Well, this gets more and more confusing.

    Then Trump has to be a racist like the media establishment says, right? I know that he supported Jesse Jackson for his presidential campaign, but Jesse Jackson lost so maybe Trump torpedoed his campaign from the inside? No. Well, Trump was involved with many Democrat politicians while in New York but when he became a Republican, he became a pariah.

    The reality is that the political establishment is afraid. They are afraid of President Trump because he plays by a different set of rules, rules that will not corrupt him. Other politicians don’t want to “Make America Great” they want to make their pockets fat and then retire. They will continue to fabricate and embellish stories to attempt to tarnish his reputation, but the reality is that the more these D.C. cronies try to smear him, the more endearing President Trump becomes. Imagine if they took the ingenuity (and finances) they have used in trying to cause Trump to stumble or become imprisoned and put that into solving the problems that our nation faces. Can you imagine, half the gas prices, lower energy costs, lower grocery bills, better educational programs, and no foreign war. Can you imagine, I can actually because that’s what we had a few short years ago under the leadership of one President Donald J. Trump. Which begs the question, what are they going to throw at him when the next false allegation doesn’t provide the desired result? 

What are they so afraid of? 

Stay strong my friends.

Aaron from Georgia