Saturday, February 25, 2017

★BITTER HARVEST★ Opening Weekend!!! ★TRP Interview★ with director, co-writer, & producer ... The Great George Mendeluk! (2/24/17)

Tonight is the premier of the highly anticipated film, Bitter Harvest, released by Roadside Attractions! It stars Max Irons, Samantha Barks, Barry Pepper, and Terence Stamp!

Bitter Harvest , is a romantic drama, that takes place during the "Holodomor," the Soviet "collectivization" and "terror-famine holocaust" of the early 1930's! A momentous, tragic, yet often neglected chapter of modern history that saw the Soviet Communist Party strike a double-blow at the peasantry of the USSR! (1)"De-kulakization:" the murder and dispossession of millions of peasant families and (2)"collectivization:" the effective abolition of private property, and the concentration of the remaining peasantry into "collective" farms under ruthless Party control! (Dr. Robert Conquest conservatively estimated 14 million people were murdered during this 7 year period! To put that evil in "The Right Perspective"...8.7 million Soviet soldiers died during WWII!!)

We are honored this evening to be joined by the film's internationally acclaimed director, co-writer, and producer, George Mendeluk!

Mr. Mendeluk has directed a number of industry greats during his distinguished career, including Christopher Plummer, William Shatner, Hal Holbrook, Ava Gardner, Anne Archer, and Josh Brolin.

An international talent of Ukrainian descent, Mr. Mendeluk, was born in Germany and his family immigrated to Canada shortly thereafter... He was unable to speak English until he was 5 years old, yet, went on to graduate from college with a degree in "English!" He has traveled the world and has maintained a strong commitment to the international film market. He has received 5 Gemini Awards Nominations, including Best Director, and has won awards at the New York Film and Television Festival!

The Communist's crimes against humanity must be told! This movie is a clarion call that all Americans must answer!

George Mendeluk and his team must be commended for bringing this picture to the big screen! Liberal Hollywood has helped to cover up the truth of Communism for decades and George is already facing their public backlash! 

This is one of the most stirring, stunning, and enlightening interviews we have ever done in our near 20 year history of the show! Bitter Harvest is a movie that both educates and entertains! The movie must be seen and the film's message and the historical truth it exposes must never be forgotten!
  • Learn why Marxism is nothing more than ideological phrenology! 
  • Food has always been the historical weapon of the Left!
  • There were never any "Nuremberg trials" for the Communists! 
  • The long history of "fake news" by the Left! Fellow traveling yellow journalist and stooge of the Communists, NY Times Pulitzer Prize winner, Walter Duranty is discussed! (George finds it unconscionable that the award has not been posthumously stripped from him!)
  • Paul Robeson was one of the leading Hollywood Communist culprits that had plenty of blood on his hands!
  • Welsh journalist and hero, Gareth Jones, is brought up by George, the first to report to the West the truth of the Holodomor!
  • The Hollywood Bolshevik anti-Ukrainian propaganda film, North Star (1943), is remembered by Frank!
  • The term "The Ukraine" is meant to deny the sovereignty of Ukraine by classifying it simply as a "geographic area" with no distinct nationalism!
  • John brings up many examples of how the Left tries to force "their version" of equality on us! George talks about the impossibility of "homogenization!"
  • The Cuban gangster regime and an anology to the movie, The Godfather!
Become a fellow stu-dant of history and read the following books that are discussed in the interview!!
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