Sunday, February 12, 2017

Bernie Goldberg Interview! (2/13/09)

A throw back interview from a past Valentine's Day on TRP! Bernie Goldberg joined John & Frank right after the Foreign Occupier seized power back in 2009, to discuss his book, Slobbering Love Affair: THE TRUE AND PATHETIC STORY OF THE TORRID ROMANCE BETWEEN BARACK OBAMA AND THE MAIN STREAM MEDIA. Bernie has been a champion of exposing Left wing media bias over the years! He was great here and there was tremendous prophecy on display by all three men that you just have to rehear to believe!
  • Bernie talks about the media's love affair with the F.O. and how "race trumped gender" when it came to him beating Hitlery! 
  • How "liberal white guilt" allowed the F.O. to drub John McLame!
  • How the "liberal media elite bubble" turned the F.O. into a deity!
  • Frank impresses Bernie with his correlation of the synergistic relationship between celebrity and politics!
  • Let's not forget PDS! (Palin Derangement Syndrome!)
  • Bernie states that the Liberal media "hates ordinary Americans!"
  • How the Left "legitimizes illegitimacy!"
  • The importance of the family unit to the fabric of American society!
  • The danger of "indiscriminate tolerance!"
  • How the cowardly Republicans refused to fight back...(that was before the days of our "Great President DJT!")
  • Why the Left crushed Joe the Plumber for simply asking the F.O. a tough question!
  • The days of the "Un-Fairness Doctrine"...remembering the Left's attempt to shut down Conservative Talk Radio...
  • John warned of the need for a "Republican Instant Response Team"...(something DJT has implemented and does quite frequently all by himself now on Twitter!)
  • Bernie explains how John McCain beat John McCain!
  • John asks Bernie to bring back the evidence to the main stream of how the Liberals were the true cause of our financial meltdown! 

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