Sunday, December 24, 2017

David Horowitz Interview! (11/29/99)

Enjoy this classic interview with David Horowitz from back in 1999!! He was on to discuss his then controversially titled book, "Hating Whitey!" ...Carl Limbacher of Newsmax and other callers (one irate who is quickly slapped down) join the discussion centering on Self-hating white people, black racism, & Leftist antisemitism... David correctly predicts the expansion of the "racial spoils system." Also, Frank can be heard conversing with the late great Rod Coppola, original producer for TRP, lost to us all in the 9/11 "hate crime" attacks at the WTC!!

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Saturday, December 9, 2017

Mark Michael Lewis Interview! (12/8/17)

We are very happy and honored to welcome Mark Michael Lewis, a prominent "Objectivist," to the program. He is here to discuss Ayn Rand's "Pro reason... Pro individual rights... Pro free-enterprise" philosophy.

Mark is an "Entrepreneur Coach" who specializes in integrating Ayn Rand’s philosophy and capitalist ideas into profitable actions for more prosperity, purpose, and pleasure.

He is also an author, speaker, consultant, and... is the host of the very popular "Becoming an Ayn Rand Hero Podcast" where he has worked with and interviewed some of the biggest names in the world of philosophy...

This is one of the most intriguing, educational, and insightful interviews we have ever done in our 20 years! Mark lays out and explains Ayn Rand's philosophy and makes the case that "choosing to think reasonably" and "objectively" is really the only way to solve the world's ever pressing problems!

George "the Atheist/Objectivist", Lady Jane of West Virginia, and John From Conn, also join John and Frank for this engaging discussion you simply will not hear anywhere else!

Please visit Mark's websites to learn more:

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