Sunday, January 31, 2016

TRP! (1/29/16)

  • John's wonderful audio opening to start the show proves Donald Trump cannot be trusted!
  • Frank discusses the murder in cold blood of American Patriot LaVoy Finicum by the KGB!
  • The cult movie classic Red Dawn (1984), when the imperialist lackeys and running dogs from Nicaragua, Cuba, and the Soviet Union invade America. Frank brings up the memorable scene when the invaders started off by rounding up everyone in town that owned a gun!
  • Big Government Progressive Teddy Roosevelt's encroachment of sovereign State land through supposed "conservation." 
  • Trump the Big Loser in the GOP debate by no-showing…
  • Left Wing radical, Pope Francis, has an audience with low life Leonardo Dicaprio and Iranian scourge Hassan Rouhani….which is worse?
  • Economic sanctions are useless against Parthia!  
  • Bobby Kennedy versus Jimmy Hoffa…
  • TRP R.I.E and Hall of Famer Sam of Maryland calls in!!
  • A "Beringians on the Move!" UPDATE!
  • Blogger and caller extraordinaire, George the Atheist, wants George Washington put back up on his pedestal and his birthday properly recognized as a national holiday all on it's own! Join his Protest against the modern political correctness that's attempting to eliminate every founding father from our national memory!
  • George also talks about the Eichmann trial....and the not so commonly known letter of adulation by Karl Marx to Dishonest Abe Lincoln! George asks for John from Conn to call in and discuss the topic. Later in the show John obliges and attempts to list all of the "American dictator's" unconstitutional acts….John from Conn and John of SI get into another dust up over the topic…
  • Frank gives a stirring and heart felt explanation as to why secession is a necessary and fundamental human right!! 
  • The stark difference by the "Ministry of Lies" in their coverage of the Oregon heroes and the Occupy Wall Street scum!
  • Washington D.C. looks more and more like Moscow….John from Conn calls for Perestroika and Glasnost in Amerika today! "Restructuring and Openness" that led to "peaceful secession" and the break up of the Soviet Union….If only Lincoln was a true statesman like Mikhail Gorbachev!
  • The Great One! Bob from Florida takes on Dale from Northwest Iowa for only chirping on the IM and not calling in....Bob also gives his rationale for supporting Donald Trump and thinks, "ALL politicians should be businessmen"….He says, "Ted Cruz sounds like a typical smooth and oily politician!"….John finally lets Bob end with a joke without stepping on his punchline!
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You are encouraged to read "Lincoln cultist" J.G. Randall's famous book (link below). He could not deny Lincoln's abuses even though in the end he weakly tried to rationalize them:
Constitutional Problems Under Lincoln, written by James G. Randall (1926)

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