Saturday, January 23, 2016

Hello Africa! with Dan Malmqvist & Sanna Hill! (1/22/16)


We are proud welcome two very special guests all the way from Sweden! Representing the slim minority of sane voices in Europe! They became aware of TRP and contacted the show when doing research for their new book. They were amazed to find the only in-depth interview of the Legendary SA Freedom Fighter, General Magnus Malan, (before his death in 2011), was done by us here on Hello Africa about 8 years ago!!!

Dan Malmqvist, is an investigative journalist for the Swedish Newspaper New Times (Nya Tider). His colleague and co-author is Sanna Hill, vice editor at the same paper. They have backgrounds as political activists in the anti-immigration, nationalist, conservative movement. Just like us here in the United States, over in Sweden, they are usually dubbed “right-wing extremists or fringe” by their mainstream and extremely left-wing press! The New Times is basically Sweden’s only opposition newspaper...
Sanna has visited South Africa several times, talking with members of the oppressed White Boer minority and writing about their experiences in the New Times....

They are collaborating on a new book that will consist mostly of interviews with people who tell about their experiences in "ANC run" South Africa. Their primary focus will be on the violence that has befallen the white minority and South Africa’s recent and massive crime epidemic. They will also discuss how and why most Western governments came to support the violent communist revolutionaries, particularly Sweden being one of the worst culprits backing the ANC and their communist masters!!!

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