Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Dr. Tom Dillehay Interview! (4/5/13)

TRP is proud to give you an interview unlike any you will hear on the mainstream. We are joined by one of the preeminent anthropologists of our time, Dr. Tom Dillehay, of Vanderbilt University. He opens "World Solutrean Month" with an intellectual bang!

Dr. Dillehay along with his distinguished interdisciplinary and international team, consisting of dozens of scientists, has been hard at work for over 30 years at the now famous site in Monte Verde, Chile. There they have helped uncover the true pre-history of our hemisphere. Thanks to his team's exhaustive work they have finally upended once and for all the "pseudo religious orthodoxy" of the "Clovis First" model. He recounts the tremendous amount of resistance they have faced over the years from the "North American scientific establishment," who's careers, paradigm, financial grants, and potential politics apparently motivated them to blockade any new or ground breaking information on the subject.

The average layman when they think of the world of archaeology and anthropology think first of the Indiana Jones movies.... Obviously, things in the Doctor's real world don't often get that exciting, but, Dr. Dillehay tells us some stories about the scientific oppression he experienced that one would expect could only come straight out of Hollywood. Times like when he and members of his team were physically threatened, shouted down, had their brake lines cut, jobs threatened, PhD's questioned, and even at one point accused of being CIA agents that artificially created the entire site at Monte Verde!

Frank impresses the good Dr. with a wide range of thought provoking questions that include a wonderful analogy to the original Greek scientist, Anaximander, and the similar struggles he faced breaking the orthodoxies and paradigms of ancient times. Frank also brings up his own very personal ongoing search for our ancestors on his "Solutrean vision quests" that have taken him to many archaeological sites around the United States! Dr. Dillehay wraps up the interview with news on some new sites around South America and presents an intriguing thought as to how ancient mortuary rituals may be the reason there is such a paucity of pre-Clovis skeletal remains being found.

Check out Dr. Dillehay's book on Amazon.com here:
Settlement Of The Americas A New Prehistory

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