Sunday, April 28, 2013

Dr. Albert C. Goodyear III Interview! (4/26/13)

World Solutrean month ends with another highly respected member of the archaeological community. It is an honor to welcome Dr. Albert Goodyear, from the South Carolina Institute of Archaeology and Anthropology, to the program. He explains what his Allendale PaleoIndian Expedition has unearthed thus far at the now famous Topper, South Carolina Site. He announces to the TRP audience that his team will unveil evidence at the upcoming PaleoAmerican Odyssey mega conference in October that will almost certainly put a "new corner stone" on the original date of the occupation of North America by humans to at least 50,000 years!

Dr. Goodyear also quells rumors that the Topper Site had been contaminated by "wash" into the area. He goes on to state that at the mega conference his team will present a large quantity of stone tools  which will squash further rumors that what they have uncovered at Topper are merely "naturally formed items" that only resemble man made tools.

Dr. Goodyear finds out, as all our esteemed guests quickly do, how serious we are about this subject. He knows now that the interview was not the typical overnight "coast to coast" or "ground zero" nut case interview where they try to talk to him about aliens crash landing in the distant past or the possible existence of dimensional beings. Frank, does though make him aware of his Solutrean "vision quests" and in the end "He of the First Blood" gets an invite to take a quest to the Topper site when ever he makes it down to the area!

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