Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Despicable Democrats (6/14/17)

I love the un-embarrassability of these monstrous Democrats! When one of their left wing radical scum supporters and haters of president Trump and Republicans wants to murder them simply because he doesn't like an opposing political view, (like most left wing Democrat supporters today) suddenly we're supposed to come together and Democrats start talking about how great America is. The same America they want to "transform" into a  Communist state!!! Democrats can't get out of what one of their own did so they pretend they're appalled at what happened today. The fact is, they would have loved it if this Democrat tyrant shooter was successful in killing President Trump and every Republican!  If this Bernie Sanders supporter and Trump hater was a Trump supporter and had gone to the ball field where the Democrats were practicing and shot at Democrats, would the Commie-crats be talking about "coming together?" No way!!! They would be claiming this was the result of the hateful speech we've heard from Donald Trump and his supporters. "Hateful speech" of course to the Democrats is anything they disagree with!! It is time this new American Communist fifth column enemy party be forcibly broken up and disbanded. The Democrats are an enemy within who invoke the Constitution when it suits their purpose and ignore and hate it when it gets in the way of their attempt to transform America into their Socialist utopia. Robert Mueller should be investigating the Democrat party, not President Trump!!!
John of Staten Island