Saturday, April 26, 2014

Scott Wolter (World Solutrean Day Interview!) (4/22/14)

Scott Wolter  & "The Father of Solutrea" Dr. Dennis Stanford
(Picture courtesy of Scott's Blog)
Scott Wolter returns as promised for "World Solutrean Day!" (4/22/14) and is named our "2014 Solutrean Man of the year!!" Also, the "World Council of Solutrean Elders" bestows on Scott his sacred new Solutrean name, "He Who has been Blessed by the Ancestors!" ..."He of the First Blood" declares him a pioneer in "unearthing" the truth about the history of the new world!

Scott talks about recent amazing episodes of his hit show, America Unearthed on History Channel (H2), including one which dealt with the Kennewick Man. Scott has nothing but great things to say about former multiple-time TRP guest, Dr. James Chatters, who joined Scott to discuss the bones of the Kennewick man. As soon as Dr. Chatters saw Kennewick man's skull, he immediately knew it was not "Beringian" and was worthy of in-depth study! Scott believes the Federal Government's covering of the Kennewick site with 50 tons of rock and gravel raises some serious red flags. He states his belief that their cover story, "erosion control," is in his opinion not a credible explanation for the dump!

Also discussed are the ground breaking artifacts found by amateur fossil hunter, James Kennedy, at Vero Beach!, which Dr. Dennis Stanford believes are definitely of Solutrean origin! When "He of the First Blood" first gazed at James Kennedy's amazing artifact of the first ever seen rendering of a "Solutrean man," he admits to being sucked up into a whirling vortex of Solutrean memory!

Frank brings up several controversial books he has read, three he liked, Worlds in Collision, by Immanuel Velikovsky, God-Kings and the Titans, by James Bailey, and Robert Marx's In Quest of the Great White Gods. He then brings up a book he deplored, Charles C. Mann's, 1491, New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus.

Frank & Scott talk about the origins of the legend associated with Quetzalcoatl which tells of a "bearded white man who came from the east," and they both wondered why that account is just dismissed out of hand. They conclude that the legend could actually be based on caucasians visiting the old world in the distant past!

Plus, Scott's run in with the Smithsonian Institute that made him admit that "he didn't trust them any farther than he could throw them!" He also reacts to the apparent conspiracy to protect "old research & careers in academia" that has him questioning and confronting their methodology and orthodoxy! He points out "the problems of the human condition" that often times stymies scientific progress! The archaeologists at Cahokia say they didn't want Scott visiting their site because they "don't like" his program! Scott then mused, "like some how that's going to stop us!"

Also, his ongoing work on the "post Solutrean migration" of the Templars to the new world and his dealings with the Bad Creek Stone, Tucson Lead Crosses, Kennsington Runestone, and the Spirit Pond Runestones!

Scott proclaims Season 3 of America Unearthed to be some of his best work yet! Everybody stay tuned!

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