Tuesday, June 25, 2013

TRP! (6/21/13)

Frank is outraged by the Ministry of Lies' treatment of Paula Deen. He points out that it is yet just another serial attack against white southerners. He thinks she responded too quickly and panicked at their silly accusations of racism for comments she made over 25 years ago under duress. Frank emailed the Food network to tell them he will no longer be watching!

Both Frank and John feel suffocated by the ongoing Leftist oppression orchestrated by the Foreign Occupier's illegal regime. John wakes up every morning with a pit in his stomach knowing that the country he loves and fought for in Vietnam is slipping away. They rightly feel that no one represents us anymore. The "Republi-can'ts" are simply an echo not a choice. None of them are willing to do what is takes to beat back socialism. Frank predicts the great societal upheaval is coming. Trying to win national elections and hope a Republi-can't can be our savior is no longer a realistic model for success. If Reagan couldn't do it, we can't expect anyone to do it. It's time to throw out the national playbook and try another way. The answer seems to be to restore the decentralized Republic which existed before the War of Northern Aggression. Centralization leads to tyranny, decentralization leads to liberty! The oppression we feel today is no different then what the Southerners felt they were condemned with under the Lincoln regime.

Frank coins the term "classophobic"...TRP is education for the "productive class"...The little known early history of socialist communities in the United States...Obama likely a drug addict..."Obamunism," chains we can believe in!...The Corwin Amendment proves the Northerners did not go to war to end slavery and that keeping slaves was not what truly motivated Southern secession...Thomas Jefferson's first inaugural must be read by every liberty loving American!...James Madison "specifically rejects socialism" when Robert Owen shows up at his doorstep...The Declaration of Independence was a document of secession!...The World War Z trailer looks like the current state of our borders...Socialist Brazil's society is breaking down...John From Conn goes on an anti-Lincoln filibuster and pushes for the new peaceful secession movement...Jared of Missouri and Paul from Sarasota talk about self-hating Americans...Communist Angela Davis is wheeled out once again by the Left and Frank tells us of when she essentially threatened to kill him!...Your phones calls and much much more at 1.718.761.9996!

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