Saturday, November 5, 2011

Patrick J. Buchanan Interview!

"Patriot" J. Buchanan returns to The Right Perspective to discuss  his new spot-on political polemic Suicide of a Superpower: Will America Survive to 2025? In Pat's first book since Barack Obama took office he shows us the risks America faces today and exposes the threats to our nation’s very survival. He is alarmed that our leaders are rejecting our historic Jeffersonian commitment to a God-given "equality of rights" as insufficient, while our government is engaged in the manic pursuit of an "equality of results" to erect some neo-socialist egalitarian utopia. Freedom, what America was once all about, is being abandoned in a maniacal drive for equality. He outlines plans for a different future that the newly ascendant Republicans and Tea Partiers can use in Congress and at the State level. If some of these new leaders adhere to the clarion call Buchanan proclaims in SUICIDE OF A SUPERPOWER he believes there is hope yet for the American republic.

In yet another TRP classic interview, Pat joins a long list of mainstream political figures that gets a reality check from John of SI and Frank from Queens! The greatest callers in talk radio history guide Pat though a whirlwind back and forth discussion of stark political commentary. They use historical analogies and audio clips of Obama's own words to help Pat draw some conclusions that he might not have pondered before. Frank successfully promotes his idea of a Memorial Museum dedicated to the "Victim's of Class Warfare" and goes on to show, that unlike the victims of racial and religious holocausts, many 10's of millions more have been killed as a result of Class Warfare. Most people know of Mao, Stalin, Castro, Lenin, & Pol Pot. But, thanks to TRP, lesser known communist devils such as Antonio Gramsci & Lazar Kaganovich will have their busts on display at the new museum and the world will finally be educated about them.

John makes Pat face the mainstream political correctness that "even he" cannot seem to move past, including the blatant anti-white, anti-Jewish bigotry embodied in our President, "the Foreign Occupier."  John wants an apology made by the Left to Pat for their two decade long smear campaign against him and helps make a convincing case that liberals do "in fact" promote violence in the same vein as Marx, Lenin, and Engles. John also takes the "Mainstream Right" to task as a bunch of cowards for not taking on the Left properly and defeating them.

In the end Frank proclaims PJB a fellow "stu-dant of history" and the TRP audience gets the type of stirring interview that they simply WILL NOT GET anywhere else!

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