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Forget the bread, milk, & water sheeple... Get vaccinated first!

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What’s Wrong: Indoctrinating Intellectual Infants

 What’s Wrong:

 Indoctrinating Intellectual Infants

  Due to the proliferation of indoctrinating this brittle generation, I would be remiss in my obligations if I did not write about questions surrounding current education. Previously, there was uncertainty of a student’s ability to learn reliably from educators teaching their opinion and not factuality. Take the Left’s elation with the destabilization of nuclear family and tradition, all under the name of “gender affirmation.” The audacity of educators ignoring a child’s natural femininity or masculinity, to push a constructed gender identity will only lead to cultural toxicity. Our children’s formal education is supposed to provide a solid foundation of calculation and composition, including the exploration of subjects that improve our intellectual formation and spark our imagination. Our society, (not from the majority) is ignoring basic biology to make a priority, a community whose morality is bent towards atrocity. Physical mutilation isn’t the only motivation of twisted teachers, but this fascination of self-adulation leads to narcissistic aggrandization of an already proud and noble occupation, and this proposition to deviate from a parents’ right to participation in a students’ most important decisions. Not the complexity of choosing a university, or the anxiety of being picked first in an activity, but whether their gender (sex) can be decided from a point of emotionality, while ignoring physicality. This is a situation where a parents’ expectation of inclusion in every decision should be without contestation, but Leftist teachers compound a parents’ aggravation by a teachers’ promotion of secrecy for students when it pertains to a child’s sexualization.

  Since some teachers are focused on a students’ gender identity with a certain acuity, the faculty must have immunity to consequences involving a students’ curiosity. The qualifications required of educators does not include psycho-analyzation, and by my estimation, this is not on any application. A parents’ perceptivity in changes to their child’s personality can limit the plausibility of teachers twisting their gender identity, because a child’s personality is not formed with a desire for individuality, but with a propensity for conformity, solidarity, and more importantly, popularity. Current contamination within our system of education led to my contemplation of disconnection from over-education, and I don’t want this to seem like a dramatization but a justification for our school systems re-evaluation. We used to think it a calamity when our child came home using profanity, gesturing obscenities, and drinking or smoking with regularity. To my mortification, now I have to worry about pills that perpetuate chemical castration, the integration of post-modernization, and the further emasculation of our evil patriarchal nation. I want continuity, compatibility, and credibility for children to learn discernity, and thinking logically adds an invincibility to a child’s awareness and maturity.

  With very little investigation, you will find correlation without exaggeration of similar circumstances that should require explanation. I say with certainty that if you conclude that this travesty could not happen within your community, pique your curiosity, and investigate your local school with objectivity, to see if some teachers have accountability or if they preach "gender fluidity." This global hallucination of gender affirmation needs an intervention from current manipulation, for amputation of genitalia isn’t the only agitation but the amputation of innocence should cause denigration. Be kind in your quest for sensibility, but silence is a form of acceptability.

Stay strong my friends.

Aaron From Georgia

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Showing the Left our Johnson!

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Biden's Independence Hall Speech from proper angle...

Political Influencers

Political Influencers 

 Occasionally, I like to daydream back to the days of our forefathers and imagine how they would feel about the current state of the Constitutional Republic they started many years ago. Do we continue to hold true to the values and ideals that Jefferson, Madison, and Franklin aspired to? Would other political philosophers like Machiavelli, Locke, Voltaire, Plato, or Rousseau gaze upon our political system like a proud father and think, “I had a small part influencing this grand nation called America.” I say no. (Notice I said “America”, because from my perspective, our states are in no way united, but I digress.) 

 Who then can we say is the dynamic influencer of our modern political system? Roosevelt? Reagan? Clinton? Kennedy? No, none of these politicians had the power and firm grip on the American people and culture like Jerry Springer. Yes, the one-time mayor of Cincinnati that was removed from office for using taxpayer dollars to purchase cocaine and solicit prostitutes continues his influence on our society today. I know what you’re thinking, “Jerry Springer wasn’t in office long enough to be a political influence.” You would be wrong. 27 seasons of nationally televised craziness, and the crazier the better. 27! That doesn’t even sound right when you say it out loud, but there was Jerry, influencing generations.

 Thinking back to some of Jerry’s more outlandish storylines, “Transexual neighbor stole my man! Now my son dresses in drag and my daughter thinks she’s a boy!” That would have been quite a salacious episode, straight from the supermarket tabloids to the stage of Springer, now we call that Cal-i-for-ni-a. Here’s another, ”Boss creates a human resources nightmare by smoking crack and dancing naked while brandishing a firearm while using company property.” Another great episode, full of mystery and intrigue, but we just call that “Hunter being Hunter.”

 For 27 years, Jerry Springer burrowed deep into the psyche of the American public, and that influence is reflected in our political system today. The populous are more concerned with a leader that can be nice to everyone and give them things, like being transported back to a student body president speech in high school. You know, where they promise longer pep rallies and a new soda machine in the cafeteria, except now our politicians are saying that I have to pay for the soda machine, pay to stock it, and then give free sodas to everyone else while politicians take the credit for my altruistic gesture, then clean up the empty cans littered about before I get fined for littering. Typical. Nothing is free, not even your degree in Underwater Basket Weaving Gender Studies. No matter which side of the political aisle you decide to sit on, it’s high time that we demanded more from our elected officials than a cheap knock off re-run of a Jerry Springer episode, or the promises of “free stuff” that we don’t qualify to receive. 

 I dare you to watch any political ad, Congressional hearing, Senate committee meeting and not see a parallel in one of the hundreds of Springer episodes. That’s probably not the worst thing we’ll see, now that Roe v. Wade has been overturned, some of our current and former politicians will need to use a bit more restraint, or else I will be writing about Maury Povich next. Be honest, you’ve already imagined Maury’s voice saying, “In the case of baby Jessica, Brian, Steven, Ruth, Ryan, Erin, James, Lupe, and Christopher… former President Clinton, you ARE the father!” We know this is just conjecture, because there would be an “accident” or “suicide” before the show aired. The beginning of resolving a problem is admitting that you have one, my hope is that we haven’t embraced this chaos to a point of no turning back. 

 Stay strong my friends. --Aaron From Georgia