Monday, April 28, 2014

TRP! (4/25/14)

The "War of Federal Aggression" and their "school of consolidation" ruthlessly continues! This week, patriot, Cliven Bundy, is called a "domestic terrorist" by that piece of human garbage Harry Reid! The Federal monstrosity that is the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) continues their war on State Sovereignty & Individual Rights! Their nose has been bloodied and they are sure to come back to continue their torment of this honorable man! "End centralization and save Liberty!"

The "Republican Circular Firing Squad," led this time by also-ran, Bob Dole, are at it again! Dole says that fellow Republicans Ted Cruz and Rand Paul are "not qualified to be president!" Just more attacks by the "status quo" Republi-can'ts on the Tea Party! 

Despite the Foreign Occupier's "street thug rep", his "weakling foreign policy" continues to rear it's ugly head around the Wurrrrld! Our foreign enemies continue to have their way, while the American citizenry prove to be the true aim of their cross hairs! All this while millions of dollars in bonuses are paid to IRS criminals responsible for last year's tyranny!

Instead of the Bolshevik nut bag Ira Einhorn inspired "Earth Day," TRP celebrated "World Solutrean Day" on April 22nd! ...Scott Wolter returns as promised and it was another great discussion!


...Amazing political and societal prophecy continues to pour forth on the "digital air waves" every Friday Night at 9:00 PM Eastern! "Thinking Man's Talk Radio" here on TRP!....While mainstream "political gossip radio" drones on with their forgettable "daily hot-topic muck" to fill air time, TRP refuses to conform and continues to lead the way! In-depth history is examined and disseminated, using reason to explore cutting edge ideas and rediscover our once great Republic!

Some facts about slavery minus the modern political correctness: The Old South is constantly depicted as the bastion of slavery for the world pre-1865, but less than 6% of the 10.7 million total African slaves that survived being taken off that continent made it to the North America!...(Between 1525 and 1866, in the entire history of the slave trade to the New World, according to the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Database, 12.5 million Africans were shipped to the New World. 10.7 million survived the dreaded Middle Passage, disembarking in North America, the Caribbean and South America. And how many of these 10.7 million Africans were shipped directly to North America? Only about 388,000. That's right: a tiny percentage!)....From the years 1500 to 1700 over 1 million Whites were enslaved by Arab Merchants!....The southern slaves were worth 3 billion dollars on the eve of the "The War of Northern Aggression" (a sum greater than the value of all manufacturing and railroads in the United States at the time.) Were the top 5% that owned the vast majority of southern slaves expected to give that up without compensated emancipation?? The average white free hold farmer, mechanic, and artisan of the time hated competing against "free slave labor" that undercut their efforts, but, they didn't want them all turned loose overnight either, to rule over them, like the Boervolk today!!....Django Unchaineduses the "N-Word" 114 times in a sick, vicious, and laughable modern caricature of the Old South!...Spain had slavery until 1886, Brazil until 1888, why were those countries not invaded and their slaves freed?!?!

....Was Captain James T. Kirk a member of the "Cult of the Constitution?"....The Constitution of 1787 has failed in it's aims, where is the promised "Liberty for the posterity"??....Patrick Henry and all the great "Anti-Federalists" (those forgotten heroes that supported our original and true Constitution, The Articles of Confederation!) predicted all the evils of consolidation that would result from the flawed and vague Constitution of 1787!....The "mysterious" reason we have a "two party system" is explained....

The 150 year cover up of our "Jeffersonian Free Enterprise" roots is exposed!...Thomas Jefferson is the originator of the "Grand Ole Party!!" Both he and Ronald Reagan are polar opposites of that counterfeit Republican, "Dishonest Abe Lincoln!"....Reagan never got proper credit for curbing inflation! That along with his tax cuts created the "ReaganBoom!"....Ronald Reagan's "devolution revolution," his blue print to reestablish "Federalism" and restore the Republic is brought to light with the recounting of his amazing executive order 12612 on October 26th, 1987! Unfortunately, 11 years later, all the good that was done was revoked by Clinton's executive orders 13083 and 13095!...Rediscover Jeffersonianism and save the Republic before it is too late!!

Only with banking reform and sound "hard" commodity based money can the "productive middle class" truly conduct Free Enterprise!...LBJ demonetized our coinage, it used to be 90% silver and provided an "easily accessible mini store house of value" for the productive class!....Hard money at the State level & 100% reserve banking!....Not the "Invisible hand," but the "loving hand" of Free Enterprise!!....Taking the "fangs out of majoritarianism" and the need for a separation of economics and state!...J.J Hill, the "Industrial Free Enterprise Hero," creates his "Great Northern" railroad without a dime of Federal money, unlike the corrupt, inefficient, and poorly built boondoggle that was the "Transcontinental" railroad and the Crédit Mobilier scandal!...Before the 14th amendment (1868), everyone was a citizen "only" of their State (they considered it their ancestral country), after the 14th Amendment everyone was made a dual citizen, not just of their State, but, of some rogue entity called "The United States," in which everyone was forced to pledge allegiance to a newly centralized National Government!...Is Atlas Shrugging?? Is it time for us to meet at Ayn Rand's Galt's Gulch??....

The Immortal Thomas Jefferson
Founder of the Republican Party!
Hero of the "Productive Class!"

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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Scott Wolter (World Solutrean Day Interview!) (4/22/14)

Scott Wolter  & "The Father of Solutrea" Dr. Dennis Stanford
(Picture courtesy of Scott's Blog)
Scott Wolter returns as promised for "World Solutrean Day!" (4/22/14) and is named our "2014 Solutrean Man of the year!!" Also, the "World Council of Solutrean Elders" bestows on Scott his sacred new Solutrean name, "He Who has been Blessed by the Ancestors!" ..."He of the First Blood" declares him a pioneer in "unearthing" the truth about the history of the new world!

Scott talks about recent amazing episodes of his hit show, America Unearthed on History Channel (H2), including one which dealt with the Kennewick Man. Scott has nothing but great things to say about former multiple-time TRP guest, Dr. James Chatters, who joined Scott to discuss the bones of the Kennewick man. As soon as Dr. Chatters saw Kennewick man's skull, he immediately knew it was not "Beringian" and was worthy of in-depth study! Scott believes the Federal Government's covering of the Kennewick site with 50 tons of rock and gravel raises some serious red flags. He states his belief that their cover story, "erosion control," is in his opinion not a credible explanation for the dump!

Also discussed are the ground breaking artifacts found by amateur fossil hunter, James Kennedy, at Vero Beach!, which Dr. Dennis Stanford believes are definitely of Solutrean origin! When "He of the First Blood" first gazed at James Kennedy's amazing artifact of the first ever seen rendering of a "Solutrean man," he admits to being sucked up into a whirling vortex of Solutrean memory!

Frank brings up several controversial books he has read, three he liked, Worlds in Collision, by Immanuel Velikovsky, God-Kings and the Titans, by James Bailey, and Robert Marx's In Quest of the Great White Gods. He then brings up a book he deplored, Charles C. Mann's, 1491, New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus.

Frank & Scott talk about the origins of the legend associated with Quetzalcoatl which tells of a "bearded white man who came from the east," and they both wondered why that account is just dismissed out of hand. They conclude that the legend could actually be based on caucasians visiting the old world in the distant past!

Plus, Scott's run in with the Smithsonian Institute that made him admit that "he didn't trust them any farther than he could throw them!" He also reacts to the apparent conspiracy to protect "old research & careers in academia" that has him questioning and confronting their methodology and orthodoxy! He points out "the problems of the human condition" that often times stymies scientific progress! The archaeologists at Cahokia say they didn't want Scott visiting their site because they "don't like" his program! Scott then mused, "like some how that's going to stop us!"

Also, his ongoing work on the "post Solutrean migration" of the Templars to the new world and his dealings with the Bad Creek Stone, Tucson Lead Crosses, Kennsington Runestone, and the Spirit Pond Runestones!

Scott proclaims Season 3 of America Unearthed to be some of his best work yet! Everybody stay tuned!

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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Professor Michael Ruggeri Interview! (4/18/14)

TRP welcomes Professor Emeritus Michael Ruggeri of the City Colleges of Chicago, where he taught Ancient American Studies for over 33 years! As a trailblazer 14 years ago, he started the most in-depth compilation of Ancient America Web Pages (now over 40 in all) on the Internet!

His website includes his popular Pre-Clovis and Clovis Archaeological News. His two Pre-Clovis and Clovis pages also contain more information on this topic than any other resource anywhere. The Professor also moderates the Aztlan listserv; the largest and oldest Ancient Americas listserv on the web. He moderates an Andean list and a Mound Builders list as well.

Professor Ruggeri became interested in the Pre-Clovis topic when he realized that his field was way behind on research in this specific area. He quickly understood that this should have been one of the premier areas of study for American archaeology! Little was known about this fascinating topic when he first started his pages, but, it soon became hot with Kennewick Man and the final breaking of the Clovis barrier at Monte Verde. He was bewildered by the great amount of disinformation that was being disseminated on the topic. He knew that real information needed to be gathered and posted on the web, all in one place, to attract and inform a much wider audience. To all of our gratitude he has done just that!

You will be blown away by the amount of information on his website. A complete list of resources provided on the Professor's website can be found here.

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Sunday, April 13, 2014

Dr James M. Adovasio Interview! (4/11/14)

We are lucky enough to welcome one of the foremost archaeologists in the world to TRP! Dr. James M. Adovasio, currently the Provost, Dean of the Zurn School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, and Director of the Mercyhurst Archaeological Institute at Mercyhurst University

Just who were "the first" Americans?? Dr. Adovasio has very graciously come on to discuss his now famous work at Meadowcroft Rockshelter in Pennsylvania and his subsequent role in the “Clovis First/Pre-Clovis” debate. A prolific scholar, he has published nearly 400 books, monographs, articles, and papers. His credentials easily rank him with anyone on the planet in his field. He articulates some very confident statements to John & Frank, which they feel finally puts the supposed "debate" to an end! He also addresses his critics and gives us a wonderfully thought provoking interview! 

Dr. Adovasio is the recipient of a number of honors and awards. In 1971, the Smithsonian Institution awarded him a Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship, followed by a Certificate for Academic Achievement in 1972. Adovasio received an honorary D.Sc. from Washington and Jefferson College in 1983. He also won the Mercyhurst College Alumni Association Outstanding Achievement Award (1993), the Pennsylvania Historic Preservation Board Award for Archaeological Research at Meadowcroft Rockshelter (1996), and the J. Alden Mason Award for Career Contribution to Pennsylvania Prehistory (1996). In 1995, Dr. Adovasio became a Knight of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta. His peers elected him as a fellow for the American Association for the Advancement of Science, and he has served as a lecturer for the Archaeological Institute of America since 2008.

He excavated the Meadowcroft Rockshelter site in Pennsylvania from 1973 to 1978 under the auspices of the University of Pittsburgh. The site contains 11 distinct stratigraphic units spanning at least 16,000, and potentially 19,000 radiocarbon years, of sporadic occupation, making it the oldest and longest occupational sequence in eastern North America and one of the oldest in the Western Hemisphere. To support the radiocarbon dates from the earliest occupational levels, Adovasio emphasizes that the 52 radiocarbon dates from Meadowcroft are, with several inconsequential low order reversals in late contexts, in absolute stratigraphic order. Additionally, all of the assayed samples derive from firepits and fire features with directly associated cultural material of indisputable anthropogenic origins. The entire suite of early dates derives from beneath a rockfall event of Clovis age. 

Currently, Dr. Adovasio is working in the Gulf of Mexico looking for submerged sites on the continental shelf, focusing on submerged coastlines, especially where rivers meet the ocean. Analysis of submerged sites could yield a wealth of information about prehistoric humans, as modern humans have yet to disturb them due to the rise in sea level that submerged the sites thousands of years ago. He also continues to analyze prehistoric plant fiber perishables from throughout the world.

J. M. Adovasio has spent the last thirty years at the center of one of our most fiery scientific debates: Who were the first humans in the Americas, and how and when did they get there? 

At its heart, "The First Americans" is the story of the revolution in thinking that Adovasio and his fellow archaeologists have brought about, and the firestorm it has ignited. As he writes, “The work of lifetimes has been put at risk, reputations have been damaged, an astounding amount of silliness and even profound stupidity has been taken as serious thought, and always lurking in the background of all the argumentation and gnashing of tenets has been the question of whether the field of archaeology can ever be pursued as a science.”

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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Dr. Dennis Jenkins Interview! (4/4/14)

World Solutrean Month kicks off with yet another trailblazer in the world of archaeology! TRP is proud to welcome Dr. Dennis L. Jenkins of the University of Oregon!

Dennis L. Jenkins is a research archaeologist, field school supervisor for the Oregon State Museum of Anthropology/Museum of Natural and Cultural History at the University of Oregon, and director of the
university's Northern Great Basin Field School. His archaeological experience spans some 35 years with more than 100 excavations! His remarkable finds have led to a new accepted date for earliest human settlement in the Americas.

Dr. Jenkins has found "actual human remains" that pre-date the Clovis Beringians by over one thousand years! Ancient human coprolites (dried feces) directly radiocarbon dated to 14,500 years ago have been recovered from Pleistocene aged deposits containing artifacts and extinct megafaunal remains in the Paisley 5 Mile Point Caves in south central Oregon. Their human origins verified by the extraction of ancient DNA, these are currently the oldest directly dated human remains in the Western Hemisphere. This very unique site has many kinds of perishable and nonperishable items preserved there. The evidence indicates the first site occupants were broad-range hunter-gathers well adapted to the Northern Great Basin’s high desert environment of the late Pleistocene.

His publications include “Oregon Archaeology” (Oregon State University Press, 2011), Early and Middle Holocene Archaeology of the Northern Great Basin (University of Oregon Anthropological Papers 62, 2004), and Archaeological Researches in the Northern Great Basin: Fort Rock Archaeology Since Cressman (University of Oregon Anthropological Papers 50, 1994) co-authored with C. M. Aikens and T. J. Connolly.

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